Tsuki ga Kirei Ep 5 Thoughts – Oh My Goodness



Yousoro and today we are going to talk about yesterday’s episode of Tsuki ga Kirei, a romance anime that is currently airing in the Spring 2017 anime season.

Also, this post is gonna be mostly minimal due to me happening to be very busy today so I’m writing this post on my phone with the time that I’m free. It may sound like it’s tedious to word process on a smartphone but it’s not bad if you text a lot lol


So this week’s episode was packed with a lot of things.

**I am going to spoil the episode so if you haven’t seen this show/episode and you want to, I highly suggest you should not continue.**

If you remember last time, Kotarou and Akane low key started dating. They definitely do not express it at all after that since while in class, they can’t even look each other in the eyes, so their relationship is in a weird place right now.

While at home, Kotarou texts Akane just because and they happen to address what their relationship actually is. With Kotarou and Akane having responses to the trying-to-hard-to-be-lovey-dovey sentences both of them are saying occurring, while it’s tedious to see them do that, I don’t blame them, they are new to dating.

Kotarou then says that he’s going to the school library at lunch the next day and asks if she would want to come. She agrees.

Next day, lunch time comes by. Kotarou gets to the library first and Chinatsu, Akane’s friend, happens to be there.

Akane manages to get out of her nosy ass group of friends to go to the library, with her running into Chinatsu and Kotarou sitting down and talking.

Thankfully, it was a misunderstanding and Chinatsu just wanted to know about the cram school Kotarou is going to. Chinatsu leaves and when Kotarou asks Akane if she’s also going to the cram school, she responds in a mad tone, “No”.

Fast forwarding, Akane is practicing at her track club. Her running times are slower than usual, because of her relationship with Kotarou, and people start to question her. Then Akane’s friend who almost confessed to her earlier in the show (I forgot his name I just know that I don’t like him), asked Akane what’s up after track practice. She doesn’t say anything about her new relationship so he just respects her privacy. This basically also happens with Kotarou, with his friend who owns a bookstore also questioning him.

While walking home, Akane recieves a text from Kotarou about meeting at Kotarou’s friend’s bookstore. She manages to find it using the maps app on her phone.

They both sit down, talk about their day and now, it’s getting better. Kotarou says to Akane that he wants to watch her at one of her track meets. She hesistates for a second but then she says she’s fine with it.

And then… Kotarou takes Akane’s hand and they start holding hands. Not all the way hand holding but it’s a start.

But, Akane suddenly gets a text from Chinatsu, saying that she has a crush on Kotarou.


I’ll keep my thoughts pretty short but this was a very, very good episode.

At first, I really didn’t pay attention to the thin lines from the previous episode because I was confused when it said they started dating. My thoughts were, “uhm, did saying I want to talk to you more mean let’s start dating?”, so now I need to learn to pay attention to the little things.

Other than that, my reactions to different parts were filled with different emotions. Such as when Chinatsu was with Kotarou and that guy with Akane alone, I was feeling a little bit of anger; when Kotarou grabbed Akane’s hand, I was in awe; and when Akane got that text, I was in maximum shock. So, I’m glad that this show can make me feel different emotions in a short amount of time.

To end it, while cliffhangers can make you furious, it’s also a great part in enjoying any type of entertainment. This show definitely likes cliffhangers and I feel like that is a good thing.


Thank you for reading my thoughts on Tsuki ga Kirei! I also apologize that there are no pictures or anything, as I said, I wrote this on my phone due to me being busy today. Day 5 of the 30 Day Anime Challenge will be a little late as well.

What did you think about this week’s episode? Leave it in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Tsuki ga Kirei Ep 5 Thoughts – Oh My Goodness

  1. Man! This is the shoujo romance type anime we need every season! Not some weird fantasy bullcrap that was Orange.

    Having said that, I died of laughter in episode 2 ‘shorts’ after the ending credit. I sure spoiled myself reading this but I’m not the type to disallow others to spoil things for me, haha…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I definitely agree that I would want to watch more of these kinds of romance shows, just creating relationships calmly and slowly. Also the shorts are pretty entertaining!


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