Day 7 of “30 Day Anime Challenge” – I Pick You

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Yousoro and welcome back to the 30 Day Anime Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! If you have no clue what this is, I’ve been discussing the different topics from the list above on their respective days and this will be going on for a month. There are many interesting topics like “anime with the best animation” and “most badass scene from any character” so it has been fun to do this.

Today’s topic is my anime crush. Also, this is opinion based. I’d rather you not diss my choice of crush in the comments, instead please tell me your anime character crush because I’d love to see that instead of you telling how bad my crush is.

I believe it’s the term “waifu”. If you have no clue what that means, to be honest I wasn’t even sure what the hell that word meant but let’s have a definition tell us what exactly is this term in the anime world:

So in any case, a waifu is a fictional character that a person loves. It is a relationship that exists on a spectrum. Some people approach waifuism casually. It is something fun and temporary. On the opposite end are those that take the relationship seriously. They wear a wedding band to symbolize their marriage with their waifu. They attempt to base their decisions on what their waifu would want. She is a real person that can feel disappointment, anger, or hurt (Reddit, 2012). (source)

So, yeah. Waifus. While I definitely am not one of the waifu loving freaks like in the definition, I still have a character that I like. A lot of people have their fights and arguments on who is the best girl in pretty much every fucking anime ever.

Anyways, let’s cut to the chase and let me reveal who my anime crush is:

Image result for you watanabe gif

From Love Live! Sunshine!!, the daughter of a ferry captain, You Watanabe. Why do I love You? Let me explain.

You’s personality is just so nice. In the anime, we see You being charismatic, positive and friendly. Especially the fact that she went out of her way and sacrificed her time for her own clubs and activities to help Chika in her great school idol adventure, isn’t that just great of You? She can also be pretty funny and a bit of a trickster like how she played around with Ruby and tickled her as a joke in the ocean.

If we’re talking about the singing aspect of her, she is pretty darn good. While I will say she’s probably second in what I think are the best voices in Aqours, second is still great.

But I think the best things about You are her talents. She’s a great swimmer and especially a great cook. As seen in episode 10, she can make great looking food and can make it fast. Isn’t that like the perfect trait in a partner?

Image result for you watanabe cooking gif

Also should I say she’s great at self-defense and can probably protect anyone?

Image result for you watanabe self defense

Lastly, You looks amazing all the time. Whether she is wearing any costume, casual wear or even her in glasses, she just looks great in any outfit.

Image result for you watanabe mari gif

In conclusion, if I had to date a character from an anime, hands fucking down it would be You. She’s always positive and energetic, can do a lot of things, looks beautiful all the time and is seriously lovable. To add, I also love her voice actress, Saitou Shuka, who is basically You but in real life lol

Image result for saitou shuka gif

Love Live Wiki Page

Thanks for checking out today’s topic! Which anime character do you have a crush on? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow to see my absolute favorite anime couple of all time.



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