Day 8 of “30 Day Anime Challenge” – What A Great Couple

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Hello and welcome back to the 30 Day Anime Challenge on the Alfredeo blog! Basically, I have been talking about the different topics from the picture above on their respective days for a duration of one month. This has been definitely fun and if you haven’t seen the other seven posts in this challenge, I highly suggest you should check them out because I think they are pretty entertaining!

Today’s topic is about my favorite anime couple. Now, I want to address is very loud and clear, especially for this topic, this is opinion based. If you do not agree with my choice of relationship, instead of bashing on it, please comment down below your favorite anime couple and I would be glad to read it.

Alright, let’s take a deep breath first. I know this topic can trigger a lot of people and can start fights in the comments section so let’s just relax for a second and I hope to God that does not happen.

I will definitely admit that this is an extremely hard topic to talk about. I’ve watched many romance based shows and a lot of them have amazing couples in them to the point where I can barely choose one because it’s like a parent picking a favorite child… okay maybe not but anyways.

I think I’ve taken a lot of consideration to actually pick one so here it is. My favorite anime couple is…

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Junichi Tachibana and Kaoru Tanamachi from the romance comedy made by AIC, Amagami SS.

If you do not know what Amagami SS is, please read my review on it first because it’s significance is that it has a different format of storytelling than other regular romance shows. This show has to be my favorite romance of all time and while probably many people will disagree with me, I’ll still stand on my choice.

***spoilers ahead***

Junichi and Kaoru’s relationship is really nice to watch. They have been friends since middle school, alongside with Umehara Masayoshi, and the way they act around each other is pretty different from a more lovey-dovey couple. For example, she likes to joke around with Junichi like biting his ear while he’s sleeping during class or when Junichi accidentally sees up Kaoru’s skirt, while she still gets really embarrassed, she also socks him in the face.

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Behind all the violence and physical abuse to do to each other (well, i guess junichi only gets hurt lol), their relationship starts to change throughout Kaoru’s arc. She doesn’t want to believe it at first but she realizes that she actually has feelings for a friend she didn’t expect to have feelings for. Not only Kaoru, but Junichi also feels this way after he saw Kaoru run to her part-time job, he realized that Kaoru was pretty cute.

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Back to the physical part of their relationship, they had times where it pretty much started their romantic relationship. First, they accidentally low key kissed after Kaoru tried to play a joke on Junichi. Right after that, Junichi wanted to get revenge on Kaoru so he decided that he wanted to kiss Kaoru to prove his manliness, but in a different… non practical… place. And that place is called the naval area!

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Later on in her arc, after seeing her mother practically dating a random guy that she has never seen before, she starts to get depressed because of her mother breaking the promise between them that only Kaoru and her mom would live together and manage to live a great life without anyone else. This made Kaoru skip school, with Junichi getting worried about her.

Junichi manages to find her and talk about her problems with her mom. He then promises her that he’ll be always there to counsel her in any problems she has. This just shows that their bond is very strong and they’ll be by each others’ sides and support each other all the time.

Junichi and Kaoru finally go on a date together and while they see the snow slowly falling down, Kaoru confesses her love to him in one of the most romantic, calm confession scenes I’ve ever seen.

I can say 100 bad things about you. But… I can say 101 good things about you.

So, pretty much, the relationship between Junichi and Kaoru is much different from many relationships you see in a lot of anime. It’s expressed more in the second season of Amagami but Kaoru starts to question their relationship and is confused on what they both have together. Are they lovers or just friends who are low key dating? After having many arguments in a failed vacation trip, she finally finds out what they have.

Adding onto that, I believe that a relationship with arguing is very, very realistic and healthy because if you and your significant other don’t really argue, then your relationship may be very boring which may lead it worsen conditions. I’m just going by experiencing seeing other couples’ relationships, I, myself, haven’t been in a romantic relationship before so just take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

In conclusion, while there are probably many, many, many other better couples in anime history, I believe that this one between these two great characters is my favorite.

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Honorable Mentions for this topic:

  • Satou and Yachiyo (Working!!)
  • Tomoya and Nagisa (Clannad)
  • Mahiru and Souta (Working!!)
  • Kazehaya and Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke)
  • Taki and Mitsuha (Your Name.)
  • Yuuta and Rikka (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!)

Thanks for reading today’s topic! Who is in your favorite anime couple? Leave it in the comments below!!

Tomorrow, we’re switching it up and talking about my favorite villain in anime.



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    1. You have no idea how big of a smile you gave me when I read your comment lol. I genuinely think that this is an at least decent romance comedy for people who like to watch that kind of anime so I really hope you enjoy it!! 😀

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