New Game! OVA/Episode 13 Thoughts – HOT SPRINGS EPISODE ALERT

Ohayo and welcome to my review on the OVA episode of the slice-of-life comedy anime called New Game! (2016), made by Doga Kobo.

If you don’t know what this show is, it’s a pretty good comedic slice-of-life anime showing the daily lives of certain employees in a video game company and the struggles they go through with developing a single game. If you like that kind of anime, this one would be a great one to check out.

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**if you haven’t watched New Game yet and want to, you might want to watch that first before you continue on**

After finishing the game that they worked hard on, Aoba and the crew take a company trip to a ski resort.

Aoba then has a bad dream about getting off the ski lift due to past memories with her friend, Nene Sakura. Making Kou make fun of her a little even though she herself got scared of thunder a few minutes later.

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Morning comes, and looks like the snowstorm put a lot of snow on the mountains. The group goes to breakfast with Aoba being very happy because it’s her first time on one of these kinds of trips. Apparently, it’s a tradition to go on a trip after the company finishes a game and Aoba exclaims how glad she is that they have this opportunity to take a trip together.

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It then become apparent that Kou got a fever somehow and unfortunately can’t spend time with Aoba for the rest of the day. This makes Aoba change her mind about skiing and is determined to go… with Hifumi offering her on lessons.

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Many shenanigans happen while the girls are skiing, the significant one is when Umiko jumped out of a pile of snow, scaring Aoba and the rest of the team, due to the programming team having some sort of survival game with full gear and weapons.

We then go to the hot spring part of the show.

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To sum this part up, there was a lot of scenes with them naked (not like hentai level, just going as far as to show their behind), drinking alcohol and Aoba making a snowman friend. After reading that you might think that this is some mature adult shit, but it’s not, trust me, it’s your average slice-of-life with cute girls.

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The episode ends with them going to bed and everyone talking about how fun the trip was, with Rin saying the next time they finish a game, they’ll definitely come back.

It’s the slice of life standard, ya gotta have at least one episode with the hot spring or beach setting.

For an OVA, it’s nothing special, it could definitely just be a normal episode in the regular season but it was nice to see this group together again after how ever many months since I’ve finished first season so this was definitely enjoyable.

There were the funny moments like how Hifumi was trying real hard to be appealing when she was offering Aoba to teach her how to ski and when Umiko, Rin and Kou kept drinking and were definitely drunk, making them say and do some things that made me chuckle.

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But, significant part of this was definitely the hot springs part. Not trying to sound like a pervert or anything, but they showed a lot of fuckin skin, man.

Usually for these kinds of hot springs/beach episodes in slice-of-life shows, they really only show from the shoulders up but no, these guys went for it and went as far as to show their rears. I think it’s mainly because these characters are over 18, so ya know, it’s fine lol

I don’t know, while there was still funny moments that happened during their time in the bathes, the hot spring nakedness aspect of this episode definitely was a big part… maybe I am sounding like a perv now haha

So, yeah. If you enjoyed the first season of New Game!, definitely watch this OVA to get your fill of Aoba and everyone else again. Now, we have to wait another two months for second season…

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