Himouto! Umaru-chan OVA Ep 2 – Baka Onii-chan!

Good day to you and I’m doing one of my late night posts this time so here we go!

So, apparently the second OVA of the slice-of-life comedy made by Doga Kobo, Himouto! Umaru-chan, has come out a couple of days ago and with the second season coming in Fall of this year, I was obligated to watch this.

If you don’t know what this anime is, basically it shows the life of a guy and his younger sister and how she has two sides to her, one where she looks beautiful, smart and amazing; while on the other hand, she is extremely lazy and throws tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. This show was extremely popular when it came out and in my opinion, it’s a fun show but the story is pretty boring.

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So, anyways, here’s the OVA. If you haven’t watched this series, you might not get what the hell is going on so go find out what the whole story is about first to understand this review. Also, spoilers.

It starts off with Umaru just realizing that her brother’s birthday is on the next day. She asks her good friend, Nana Ebina, what she should get for his birthday but Ebina’s suggestions aren’t helping Umaru. Neither are the numerous handmade gifts Ebina made for Umaru’s brother.

Right when the clock hits midnight, Umaru wakes up and puts on one of her famous outfits to greet her brother a very happy birthday… only to see that he is dead asleep.

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The next day comes and Umaru set up a little “date” with her brother to celebrate his birthday. They go to various places around the city until they reach a game center, or mostly known as an arcade. Taihei (the brother) suggests that they should go, but the normal, beautiful Umaru has that they don’t have to go if he doesn’t want to. So, Taihei just decides to spend all of his salary on the lottery.

Umaru turns into the lazy form of her and quickly stops her brother from doing that, with Taihei giggling because he doesn’t believe that Umaru doesn’t need to act like a completely other person in front of him. This then starts to make Umaru think if she should come clean to her friends that her different personas are actually just one.

Summer vacation is here but everyone is worried about taking summer school courses during vacation. Sylphin doesn’t give a damn about that and just wants to take a day off with everyone to go to the beach or something along those lines. Umaru agrees to that idea and then everyone eventually goes with it. Umaru then comes back to the idea of telling the truth to her friends, with all of her clones inside of her mind having a meeting.

Umaru saw a pamphlet that her brother brought home that looked like a Hawaiian vacation, but it was actually a promotion for the new pool nearby so all four of the girls, Umaru, Sylphin, Ebina and Kirie go to that pool to have a fun day with each other.

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Later on, Umaru goes with her gut and starts to tell everyone about her different personas like the lazy one, the beautiful one and her competitive person, U.M.R., are the same person, she has a hard time continuing with what she’s going to say, which she can’t take back at that point. In the end, Umaru doesn’t tell anyone anything due to Kirie stopping her from saying anything even she didn’t even know what Umaru was going to say, so that’s that.

I mean, it was pretty entertaining.

I’ll admit that it had a decent conflict. Umaru now thinks that maybe she should tell the truth to her friends about her different identities since she’s been making them misunderstand throughout the series. But, in the end, she doesn’t which was probably the best choice because if she did tell them, the second season would be preeeetty boring.

It’s been a few months since I finished the first season of this show so it took me a bit to absorb all the randomness of Umaru and her friends again but it’s nice to see these characters again.

That’s pretty much it, to be honest. This actually has a second season coming in October of this year and I do not know what else they can do in this random ass series. So, looking forward to it.

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/30991/Himouto_Umaru-chan_OVA


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