Day 24 of “30 Day Anime Challenge” – OH MY GOODNESS

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Evening ladies and gents, and welcome back to the 30 Day Anime Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I talk about the different topics from the list above and give some thoughts that will hopefully interest you throughout this post. We’re almost done so if you haven’t seen the other 23 posts, I recommend you should!

Also, this is opinion based. I would appreciate it if you didn’t make the comments section a very rude one, instead please give your thoughts on today’s topic and I would be glad to read it.

When it comes to watching romance shows, there is most of the time some sort of surprising or unexpected moment between characters, followed by a cliffhanger ending to wait for the next episode. So, here is my most memorable moment in anime that shocked me:

First, let me introduce this anime. This is in fact a romance drama airing right now, in the Spring 2017 season called Tsuki ga Kirei, made by feel who also brought you shows like My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU and the infamous Kiss x Sis.

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To sum it up, we have two main characters, Akane Mizuno and Kotarou Azumi, who are both very timid middle school students, and we see them slowly start a romantic relationship with each other while overcoming fears and shyness, having some jealousy and balancing that with being on the verge of going to high school.

I’m going to spoil some of the story so if you have not watched this anime and you want you, you might want to click away now. I warned you.

Alright, so if you remember, after Kotarou and Akane started dating, they were too embarrassed to express it, to the point of being afraid of looking at each other during class. They started talking about their relationship later on in episode 5 and here comes that one scene.

Kotarou tells Akane to come to his friend’s bookstore to spend time with each other. At first, they have a little distance from each other and have small talk like asking how was each other’s day until a silence comes along.

Kotarou, the fuckin man that he is, decides to take Akane’s hand and start holding hands. It wasn’t like full on hand hold, but it was a start.

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At that point, I was like, “oh my goodness there are no brakes on the Kotarou express right now”.

But, that wasn’t the only shocking part in this episode, no, no, no. Right after they held hands, Akane got a text from one of her friends, Chinatsu Nishio, telling Akane that she has a crush on Kotarou.

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this might not look right on the wordpress app lol

Yes, that was pretty shocking when I first saw that. I was just getting to love the relationship of Akane and Kotarou and still in awe of that sweet and smooth Kotarou move on Akane, Chinatsu just comes in and says it.

Alright, you might be thinking why a scene with two people holding hands is “shocking” to me. Well, if you have watched this show, you would know that Kotarou and Akane are extremely timid people. They have never been in a romantic relationship before and with them growing up to an age where feelings of love are slowly getting into their young lives, seeing Kotarou, as I said, a respectful and quiet guy who doesn’t really like talking to people he isn’t familiar with, finally taking Akane’s hand was something that I didn’t expect he would do so quickly.  Not only that, but in a couple episodes before that one, Kotarou just said it straight up, “Would you like to go out with me?”, and that was also shocking, for the same reason.

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Thanks for reading today’s topic! What’s the most shocking moment in an anime that you’ve seen? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow to see what I think is the saddest anime death. 😦



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