Gabriel DropOut OVA Ep 2 – Whoa…

Good morning, afternoon or evening to you and welcome to my review on the second OVA of the slice-of-life comedy, Gabriel DropOut (2016) made by Doga Kobo. If you haven’t seen this show, you won’t really understand the characters and story so you might want to brush up on that first.

** im gonna spoil the whole thing **

The OVA starts out with Gabriel, Raphiel, Satania and Vignette walking home from school, with the usual things like how Raphiel and Gab keeps making fun of Satania and such.

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The dog who keeps showing up and steals Satania’s melon bread does his thing, which leads them to a nearby park. That’s when we see the a new girl, there was no name mentioned, who is actually blind.

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They all talk to the blind girl, asks her a little bit about her condition and she even apologizes about calling them angels (even though two of them are), she also called Vignette an angel, which is ironic cause she’s suppose to be a demon. Before the blind girl leaves, she tells them that she doesn’t mind talking to them for another time.

Days go by and all four of them meet up with the blind girl to be nice and kind and help her out a little. Especially Gabriel, who doesn’t really like to help people even though she’s suppose to be an angel.

The blind girl tells Gabriel that she will have eye surgery soon, which doesn’t have a great success rate, but she believes that the doctors will fix her up. Gabriel also gives her two cents about it and tells her that God will probably help her out as well.

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At school, they all talk about their good relationship with that girl with Satania even teasing Gabriel about her actually caring about someone, which results to Satania getting punished by Gab.

This is where it gets really dramatic.

The next time all four of them come by the park, where the girl usually is everyday, she isn’t there. They assume that she must be late or something until they hear an ambulance going by. Another piece of evidence that it was the blind girl, is the witnesses talking to each other, saying that the person did have her guide pole with them but they didn’t notice the car. Yes, she apparently got hit by a car.

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Gab, Vignette, Raph and Satania all go to the emergency room to check up on her. They find out from her parents that she is in really bad shape. Satania begs the angels, Raphi and Gabriel, to save her but if they do interfere, they’ll break the laws of heaven. But, we know Gabriel.

Gab doesn’t give one damn about it and helps the blind girl see the light, she’s thinking that she’ll be going to heaven now, but in reality, Gab’s saving her life.

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The blind girl makes a full recovery, but not only her body but her blindness is cured as well. But, on the other hand, Gabriel had to face punishment for breaking the rules of heaven, which I think was that the formerly blind girl doesn’t remember Gabriel at all anymore. Even though that happen, Gab is still happy that she’s alive.

Wow, this OVA was a different approach than usual.

Gabriel DropOut is supposed to be a dumb comedic show but apparently, they wanted to go really sad and dramatic this time. A lot of people criticized this episode because of changing the tone more dramatically, but, in my opinion, I enjoyed it.

When I first saw the blind girl, I was pretty surprised that they did this. I honestly haven’t seen any anime where some of the characters had disabilities (not like the kind where they have a disabilities like being blind or deaf, but they can actually still do things like fight, that’s not the same) except for that new movie that came out called Koe no Katachi, where one of the main characters is deaf. This was really unexpected from a show like Gabriel DropOut.

Other than that, it was a pretty damn good OVA episode, not going to lie. Even when they described that the blind girl got in a terrible accident, it just shocked me and I went, “oh wow this just became really intense”. But, I’m glad that there were people that could help her and it all worked out in the end. Another good part in this OVA was the development of Gabriel. In the show, we see that Gab doesn’t really give a fuck about other people but once she meets this person, her feelings about saving someone who has a disadvantage in life change dramatically and ends up helping her out.

In conclusion, I liked this OVA. I can see why people disliked it, just because this show is suppose to be mainly funny and not sad and dramatic, but it was a nice episode to experience. I personally enjoy drama and that was definitely filling the quota.

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2 thoughts on “Gabriel DropOut OVA Ep 2 – Whoa…

  1. I agree completely – I have already watched this episode 3 or 4 times, have watched with my wife (who does not care for anime, but also enjoyed it), and I expect to watch it several times more. When the blind girl first appeared, I already thought that this was unusual, as we rarely see blind characters in anime, unless it is a setup for some sort of superpower. And there are a couple of comedic moments that I especially love: when the blind girl singles out Vigne as “especially angelic”; and when Gabriel misses throwing the can in the trash. When we’ve seen this in other episodes, she just walks away, but here the comedic timing is perfect. Gabriel looks at the can on the ground; the girl looks at the can, then at Gab; Gab looks at the girl; another beat; finally, Gab runs around, grabs the can, throws it in the trash bin and yells “Repent!” I hope we see one of the YouTube sites like animenz transcribe the simple piano piece from Gab’s scene with the girl. The music in general in this episode is a little deeper than normal. Some people didn’t like this episode, really? Haters gonna hate, I guess. Nice post.

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    1. It’s a shame that some people didn’t enjoy this particular episode. Sure, it’s not as funny and goofy as what we’re used to, but it was a nice change in pace and I enjoyed the dramatic story with the sudden change of events toward the end. I’m glad someone else here likes it as much as I do. lol

      I didn’t pay attention to the music, I really should’ve, but I bet it’s much more touching than usual.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! 😀


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