Tsuki ga Kirei Ep 7 Thoughts – this is my favorite show of the season

Holy hell I got a lot to talk about today

Alright, if you don’t know what this show is, Tsuki ga Kirei, it is a romance drama anime that is currently airing for the Spring 2017 anime season and if you haven’t watched this show, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU SHOULD if you enjoy some pure, innocent, chivalrous romance.

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Today I’ll be reviewing the latest episode in this series, that means I’ll be spoiling the whole thing so if you don’t wanted to be spoiled, you might want to click away.

Last week, we got a recap episode and while I was a little bummed out about it, this week definitely made up for it.

The episode starts with Akane, Kotarou and their friends going to an amusement park. They all go on a rollercoaster ride, but Akane and Kotarou don’t sit next to each other due to Chinatsu asking Kotarou immediately to sit next to her.

After the ride, Kotarou sees Akane and Hira getting along pretty well, making him a little jealous. They then both go their separate ways, with Akane going with Takami Hira (i keep forgetting his name i just know that i hate him) and Kotarou going with Chinatsu.

With Kotarou and Chinatsu, they start to get a little close with each other, with China making him call her by her first name and calling Kotarou a nickname.

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Later on, Kotarou gets a text from his good friend, Roman (the pink haired guy who is always flirting with Ryouko-senpai) that he’s in the first aid room. Kotarou quickly runs over there to check on him, but Roman just had heatstroke so it wasn’t anything bad. While he was there, Roman decided to help Kotarou be alone with Akane on this fine day, only to find out that Akane is with Hira.

Kotarou then asks Akane’s group of friends (including Chinatsu) where Akane is at. When he asked, Chinatsu got a little sad about it because, if you remember, she actually has feelings for Kotarou.

Kotarou manages to find Akane and Hira and builds up the courage to tell Hira that he and Akane are in a relationship and are dating. Kotarou then walks away with Akane while both Hira and Chinatsu, who was in the distance watching all of this, were in a little bit of shock. Chinatsu even started crying a little.

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With the lovebirds alone together, Kotarou apologizes that he was a little mean back there and he was too into the moment. Akane is completely fine with it, and then, we see a beautiful montage of them having their, pretty much, first real date, with them eating together, going on amusement park attractions and even taking their first picture with each other.

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It then comes back to Chinatsu coming back to the group of friends, who clearly had puffy eyes due to crying about Kotarou being taken by her friend (even though she already knew about their relationship). Her two friends take care of her and comfort her.

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We come back to Kotarou and Akane looking at the fireworks show. And you know what, they started coming close to each other to kiss until some fucking kid interrupts them. They end up laughing about it anyways.

Back at the group of friends, Chinatsu apologizes to Hira for inviting him, but he says he’s fine with it and that he is okay with Akane dating Kotarou.

Final scene, Kotarou and Akane are on the train to head back home. While Kotarou takes a nap, Akane has a text conversation with Chinatsu, with China telling her that she couldn’t confess to Kotarou after all.


I stand by what I say: this was the best episode yet.

When this episode started, I immediately thought, “oh they are both gonna have alone time together today”.

While the scenes where Akane and Kotarou were with Hira and Chinatsu made me want them to go away, the second half just was so beautiful and amazing with Akane and Kotarou having a little date.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I really dislike Hira and Chinatsu, I still feel bad for them. It’s a shame that they didn’t end up with the people they like but, Akane and Kotarou is the OTP.

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When Kotarou and Akane were about to finally kiss, I got extremely excited and jumped out of my chair, only to see some kid interrupting them and saying “they’re kissing!”, that just blew a fuse out of my brain. Even though I kind of predicted that they wouldn’t kiss in the show yet, a major part in me wanted them to so freaking bad. I mean, they even had an amazing background with the fireworks!!!!!

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That’s pretty much it. I love this show. I love everything about it. If you’ve seen this episode, please give your thoughts about it in the comments section. I would love to read your thoughts!

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34822/Tsuki_ga_Kirei


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