My Love Live! Member Tier List

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This post went into a lot of revisions and drafting, even with the concept of the post. At first, I wanted to “rank” all of the members from 18 to 1, then I wanted to do a top 10 but now, I’m doing a tier list.

If you do not know what the extremely popular anime series, Love Live! is, the gist of it is that we see a group of female high school students forming a group of “school idols” that sing and dance, try their hardest to compete in the school idol competition called Love Live!, have their different goals as a group in the time that they have with each other and just have fun.

There are two series, the first one, School Idol Project, is the original while Sunshine!, is a spin-off and is continuing off of the group of µ’s and their great impact on the increased amount of competition between school idols.

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If you’re thinking about watching this anime, it’s a great series to experience but after seeing it, just be ready to listen to all the songs, re-watch funny clips, play the mobile game and possibly even buy merchandise. In the Love Live fan community, this phase is called “idol hell”.

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As you can tell, this is a list with all members of the Love Live! anime, μ’s from School Idol Project and Aqours from Sunshine!!. To add on, just because this is a tier list, please do not think that I am like shaming the members on the bottom of the list. I absolutely love all of them but I do have some favorable ones.

Also, I have to express this very firmly, this is opinion based. I know the Love Live fandom is pretty respectful on who you say is the best member of either or both of the groups but I know there’s a few people who will have a debate with you. I’d rather that not happen today so please refrain from arguing. Instead, please give your thoughts in an orderly fashion and I would be glad to read them!

s tier

  • You Watanabe (VA: Saitou Shuka) – I would definitely say that You is the best girl out of everyone. She’s good at a lot of things, energetic, hard working, passionate and can be a great friend.
  • Hanayo Koizumi (VA: Yurika Kubo) – favorite girl in μ’s, I like her calm and shy nature, can be really passionate about things and a little goofy, I really liked “Nawatobi”

a tier

  • Maki Nishikino (VA: Pile) – beautiful voice and piano playing, can be a tsundere at times
  • Kotori Minami (VA: Aya Uchida) – just so kawaii, helps out the group a lot, hard-working, birb
  • Ruby Kurosawa (VA: Ai Furihata) – even though she is extremely shy, she tries her best… i mean “rubesty” HAHAHA

b tier

  • Rin Hoshizora (VA: Riho Iida) – extremely energetic, a great friend to Hanayo, actually has a really good voice
  • Umi Sonoda (VA: Mimori Suzuko) – the very mature one in the group, beautiful voie, is determined to achieve goals, can get really angry at times, especially at Honoka
  • Hanamaru Kunikida (VA: Takatsuki Kanako) – can be really funny at time due to her being from the countryside, nice voice
  • Kanan Matsuura (VA: Suwa Nanaka) – LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, a good friend to Mari and Dia, pretty mature in the group

c tier

  • Riko Sakurauchi (VA: Rikako Aida) – amazing at piano and singing, a great friend to Chika, very reserved but doesn’t handle quick situations well
  • Eli Ayase (VA: Nanjou Yoshino) – very mature and modest, very hard-working and the second in command basically
  • Nozomi Toujou (VA: Kusuda Aina) – the mother of μ’s, very spiritual and likes to help everyone in the group
  • Honoka Kousaka (VA: Emi Nitta) – the leader of μ’s, very energetic but jumps to conclusions fast and messes up a lot. she is very determined though

d tier

  • Mari Ohara (VA: Aina Suzuki) – like Nozomi, helped shaped Aqours together; very energetic, happy and really cares about her friends
  • Chika Takami (VA: Anju Inami) – the leader of Aqours, has the same mentality as Honoka, always in a good mood

f tier

  • Yoshiko Tsushima (VA: Aika Kobayashi) – a total chuunibyou, can be funny sometimes because she’s doing goofy things, pretty nice voice
  • Dia Kurosawa (VA: Arisa Komiya) – Ruby’s older sister, takes no shit from anybody, prideful and hates things that are not done correctly
  • Nico Yazawa (VA: Sora Tokui) – “the world’s number one idol”, very passionate about being an idol, can be sometimes jealous of Eli

I hope seeing Nico at the bottom didn’t worry you too much.

Thanks for reading my list today and if you want to give your opinion on your favorite LL members, please do in the comment section below!

Until we see another group have their own anime *cough cough Perfect Dream Project cough cough*, this is my opinionated list.



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