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Hello there and welcome back to the 30 Day Anime Challenge, a segment on the Alfredeo Blog where I discuss the different anime-related topics from the list above and give my, hopefully, interesting thoughts on them. It’s been fun so far and it unfortunately is coming to an end tomorrow. So, if you haven’t checked out the other posts, I recommend that you should!

Also, I will have to say that this is opinion based. Please do not bash on my choices as I will not on yours. Instead, please give your opinion in the comments section and I would be glad to read it. Thanks!

Girls und Panzer (2012) is a military-based anime created by Actas, who pretty much just made this series. The gist of this anime is that a traditional sport based on World War II that uses tanks in an elimination-based match, is getting a lot more popular, to the point of nationwide competitions between schools is happening. It’s called “senshadou” or “tankwondo” (get it?) and it’s practiced by women and young girls to make them stick out more in the world and even get the likes of men. It actually takes a lot of skill and strategy to play this sport and it’s just really cool to watch.

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If you like the genre of CGDCT (cute girls doing cute things) but still want to see some badass action, this show might be for you lol

So, yes, I would want senshadou to be an actual thing that we do but there are some flaws in this.


First off, being in a tank and in a war-like situation would be much, much more intense than say a crucial basketball game or soccer match. No shit it would be extremely scary to do this sport of senshadou for the first time because of the actual tank ammo and the amount of work and teamwork you have to do, but I feel like it’s something you would get used to.

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I also agree with what senshadou is mainly suppose to do, help women and young girls be “more prominent in culture”. In the show, many of the girls at Ooarai High were timid and feel like they couldn’t do this sport but throughout the show, they developed well, learned a lot about senshadou and got out of their comfort zone, to help their school in the competition. Not only females, but I bet the men would get their lives changed after playing an unusual and more intense sport.

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Lastly, I feel like a lot of people would actually watch this. I mean, it’s not a everyday thing to see a war-like battle with real tanks and military gear. A lot of people who watched this show thought the battle scenes and the strategic tank movements were really cool and badass, so I think it would work out as entertainment.


Senshadou is played anywhere, in an open field, the mountains or even a small town with people living in it. So, as expected, destruction may occur with either the misfiring of tank shells or just the tanks crashing into the houses and shop. The government or school (i don’t know which) just pays for the damages, so it’s no problem for the citizens in this world. Don’t worry, no human gets hurt but, if that happened in the real world, I don’t think people would like their house being destroyed and rebuilt over and over. Also, I think debt would be racked up quickly if a lot of high schools in one country did senshadou.

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You absolutely get no help from other people. In the show, senshadou was a club at Ooarai and while the school just helped them get the tanks and such, the club members pretty much had to do all the work. Repairing the tanks and cleaning them were done by the club members (Ooarai was lucky since there was some sort of car repair club at their school that decided to join the senshadou club). So, that might be something that a lot of people don’t really want to do, learn how to repair a tank.

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Final point, while you don’t actually die if your tank gets hit by a shell, I think there were still some minor injuries or someone getting hurt. That might be another reason to stay away from this sport.

In conclusion, on paper, senshadou would be a really cool sport to have in the real world. But, I feel like the flaws in it override the good parts of this idea.

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Thanks for reading today’s topic! What would be an anime world that you would want to come true? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow for the last day of this challenge, where I tell you which anime I would have wanted to continue.



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