Day 1 of “30 Days of µ’s” – Favorite Idols

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Hi. Welcome to another 30 day challenge on the Alfredeo blog. This time, the theme is from one of the most popular musical anime of all time, Love Live! School Idol Project and I’ll be talking about the topics from the list above and hopefully give you interesting thoughts on them!

I also want to say that this is opinion based. The Love Live! fan community is pretty respectful when it comes to these kinds of topics of discussion but please don’t be rude in the comments section. Thanks!

If you’ve seen some posts from the previous 30 Day Challenge and pretty much my other Love Live related content, you probably already know who my favorite members are.

If you don’t, I’ll give you the rundown:

s tier

a tier

  1. You Watanabe – easily my anime crush and just a great person overall
  2. Hanayo Koizumi – favorite girl in the original series, her calm and kind personality while she can get excited about certain things, makes her funny and nice to watch
  3. Maki Nishikino – beeeeeeautiful voice, has a tsundere personality to her and deep down, she loves everyone in the group.
  4. Kotori Minami – just a kawaii and helpful person. also, she’s pretty damn dedicated.
  5. Ruby Kurosawa – basically the same as Hanayo, she is also very devoted and passionate about being an idol

If you want to see me rank everyone in the Love Live! series, please click here to check that out!

Thanks for reading today’s topic! One down, twenty-nine to go! I think this challenge will be a fun one to do.

Who’s your favorite member in this series? Comment down below!

Come back tomorrow to see my least favorite members.



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