Day 2 of “30 Days of µ’s” – She Alright

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** As I just realized yesterday that this challenge is mainly about µ’s, there will be no reference to the spin-off series Sunshine! from here on out. **

Hello and welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! I feel like yesterday’s post was a little rushed and I didn’t really talk about this challenge in-depth, so here’s a better explanation:

So, yes, I am doing another 30 day challenge on this blog, mostly because it’s really fun to do and I did say I would do one every month.

The theme is from the very popular musical anime, Love Live! School Idol Project and follows the school idol group, µ’s, and their journeys becoming and being famous idols. The reason why I picked a challenge on this series is, a) the other general anime-based challenges are pretty much the same thing as what I did last month and b) this series is so popular that I seriously couldn’t find another challenge that’s based on one show, this was the only one.

Image result for love live

Next month, I’ll probably do one of the those watch an anime a day challenges since I’ll have a lot of free time and see if I can handle watching a whole anime season in one day… for a month.

One last thing: please know that this post is opinion based. The Love Live! fan community is pretty respectful when it comes to these topics of discussion, but I’ll say it anyways. If you are going to make a comment on my opinion, please make it in an orderly fashion and respectful and I’ll do the same to you. Thanks!

Okay, let me just say that I pretty much love all the members of µ’s. But, I have my more favorable ones and ones that I say “meh she’s still cool” to. And here’s one of those:

Image result for nico yazawa

Indeed, indeed, it’s the one and only Nico Yazawa, a third-year member of µ’s and the “Number 1 School Idol in the Universe”.

If you’re into anime pop culture or know what this show is, you probably got introduced or have seen this popular catchphrase and little shtick that Nico does:

Image result for nico nico nii gif

The famous “Nico Nico Nii!” catchphrase and hand sign has been a staple in this series and even got voted the best anime catchphrase of all time according to the majority of 10,000 users.

Nico, while in public, takes on a personality of a cute, happy-go-lucky idol girl. But, her other persona is a more harsh type, mainly to her fellow members.

Image result for nico yazawa

She also easily gets jealous of her other members because of something that they have, that she doesn’t.

So… why is she my least favorite member?

I don’t know, she just didn’t stand out to me as much as the other idols. I kind of find her a little annoying and too full of herself. I mean, that’s her personality and it actually helped a little with the story of this series but I don’t particularly enjoy the way she behaves.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Nico, just not as much as most of the other members.

Other than that, I appreciate her passion and dedication of being a school idol and she would never quit being one. She can also be pretty funny at times.

So, yeah! Again, I’m not hating on Nico, she is just not my favorite. I absolutely know that Nico is loved by many people, and I respect that.

Here’s a bonus video with Nico’s seiyuu, Sora Tokui, performing one of Nico’s solos live:

Thanks for reading today’s post! This one was a little bit late cause I was busy but I’ll be back on my A-game tomorrow.

Come back soon to see my favorite µ’s song!



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