Day 3 of “30 Days of µ’s” – Just a Beautiful Song

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Yousoro and welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I talk about the discussion topics mainly based on the popular musical slice-of-life series, Love Live! School Idol Project and hopefully give you my interesting thoughts on each one.

Also, this is opinion based. I think that everyone is very respectful when commenting on these 30 day challenges but I’ll say it anyways. Please do not make rude statements about my opinion, instead give your thoughts in a respectful and orderly fashion, and I would be glad to read it!

If you have already read my “Top 15 Favorite Love Live! Songs”, you already know my choice. If you haven’t, check that out to see my favorite songs in the series here, but I’ll be talking about my absolute favorite song more in-depth here.

Without further ado, here it is:

Yes, one of the first songs we hear in this series, written and composed by the one and only Maki Nishikino, “Aishiteru Banzai!“, or in English, “I Love You, Hooray!“.

It was episode 1 of season 1 where we first hear this song. Honoka heard a singing voice and some piano playing coming from the music room. She then looked inside the room, only to find Maki, the song composer of µ’s, singing this song beautifully.

Side note: I made a stupid skit about this scene and how it gave me hella chills, unfortunately I can’t post it on YouTube due to copyright issues, but you can see it on my Twitter page, it’s the pinned tweet.

Anyways, but it’s true, it really did give me chills and it’s a beautiful song. Maki’s voice is, what I think, one of the best voices in this group, alongside with Umi and Eli, and the way she sings this song is just golden.


But what kills me about this song is the placement in this anime. So, it was introduced to us in the first episode which pretty much showed us who would be composing the songs for this group and the music we will hear from here on out.

Alongside that, this song was featured in the last episode of this series, at the third-years graduation ceremony, where Honoka was the main speaker. Honoka dedicated this song to all the graduates and then everyone in µ’s but Nozomi, Nico and Eli took turns singing verses of the song, with the whole crowd even singing the last “la la la” part. I was extremely tear-jerking to hear and watch that and it just made me so happy.

Now that I’m doing a pretty in-depth post about this particular song, we might as well look at some of the lyrics, since I actually never knew what they were singing about.

Smile when you’re sad, let’s blow it all away
If you can laugh, the scenery will change, peeking through the clearing weather
Even when you’re unsure, the road leading to happiness
Comes into view under the blue sky

It’s a very positive and happy song. The rest of the song talks about keep your head up, have positive feelings and look towards the future.

I think that’s pretty much it. This song is amazing.

Thanks for reading today’s topic! I was procrastinating today so I apologize for this one being later.

What’s your favorite song from this anime? Leave it in the comments below, I would be happy to read your responses!

Come back tomorrow to see my least favorite song from this anime.



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