Seiyuu Spotlight! – Anju Inami

** Update 6/4/17 – Segment now called Seiyuu Spotlight **

Hi there and welcome to a new segment that I’m going to experiment with called Seiyuu Spotlight!. This is where I talk about some voice actors or actresses in the anime I’ve seen and just tell you how cool they are! In this segment, you might see someone you know or someone you have absolutely no idea who that is. If that’s the case, hopefully you’ll find a nice voice actor and/or actress here to help you pick out the next anime that you watch.

Now, I don’t know if this will be a daily or weekly thing, or even a reoccurring thing on the blog at all. I was mainly inspired to do this because of today’s seiyuu and I wanted to share my thoughts on her and her work. So, if this doesn’t appear ever again, you now know that I didn’t feel like this worked out. Thanks!

Our first seiyuu is the voice actress for Chika Takami, the leader of the school idol group, Aqours, in the musical slice-of-life anime, Love Live! Sunshine!!Anju Inami!

Image result for inami anju

Inami has an extremely limited anime voice acting, her major roles were Chika Takami and one of the main character in a children’s anime movie, Hinata no Aoshigure, Hinata, alongside Saori Hiyama (Koe no KatachiOreimo).

Image result for hinata no aoshigure

It seems like she is an aspiring singer/musician and focusing mostly on her musical career. Her voice is really nice in Love Live! Sunshine!! and might be one of my favorite singers in Aqours.

But, I saw a performance of hers singing some song for what I assume is some sort of anime movie or show called LOVE DON!! QUIXOTE (which probably has nothing to do with the classic novel of Don Quixote) and I just fell in love with Anju’s voice. Take a listen:

Her other works include stage play adaptations such as Naruto and even participated in fan concerts for a series that she absolutely loved watching and would later join as a main character, Love Live!.

Image result for inami anju

I know I’m missing some of her performances/works but I just don’t know what they’re called, but basically Anju has mainly been seen outside of anime.

That’s honestly all I can say. Anju Inami definitely has potential in the anime voice acting industry and with Love Live! Sunshine!! season 2 coming this Fall, I can’t wait to see her again as Chika. I hope that she gets more roles!

Here’s a bonus video of An-chan getting interviewed and showing off her sick punch:

MyAnimeList Page

Thanks for reading today’s post! I know this one was a little short, An-chan hasn’t been in much anime so I couldn’t really talk a lot about her roles.

As I said, I don’t have a schedule for this segment, it could be daily, it could be once a week, or this could be abandoned entirely. If you enjoyed this post and/or this segment, please comment down below if you want to see more, I would love to see your feedback! Thanks!



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