Sakura Trick (First Impressions) – Eh…

If you’re wondering, I will not include this in my Currently Watching segment just because I’ll probably not continue this anime.

You know, I actually haven’t experienced a real “yuri” anime. The closest thing to yuri I watched was probably the silly slice-of-life YuruYuri, but that was just like low key romantic relationships between the characters. This one that I’ll be talking about, this goes full out yuri.

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If you have no clue what “yuri” is, basically it’s a genre of anime, manga, visual novels, light novels, etc., where it shows a story of a romantic and/or sexual relationship between women. I guess what it’s mostly called in the world is “lesbian” relationships.

To add on, the male equivalent is “yaoi” which is romantic and/or sexual relationships between men. Just letting you know.

So, today’s anime that I will be discussing is Sakura Trick (2014), a yuri romance slice-of-life comedy made by Studio Deen, who also created popular shows like Fate/Stay NightFruits Basket and KonoSuba.

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I only watched one episode so here’s the premise of it:

Two best friends, Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda have been friends since middle school and now that they are going to go into the new environment of high school, they hope to still have many fun days with each other. There are also some side conflicts like how Haruka didn’t get a seat behind Yuu in class like she expected and the school will be closing in a few years.

Haruka then sees Yuu getting along with two other girls in their class, making Haruka really jealous. This then makes them both think on how to increase their bond together and deepen their relationship.

In order to do this, they decide to do something that they would never do with other people. And that is…

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Yep, they kiss each other.

This then leads to them kissing each other even more, which both of them realize that they now have a completely different relationship than they had in middle school and they also have to keep what they’re doing together a secret from everybody.

And apparently from the synopsis in MyAnimeList, one of their sisters starts to suspect that they are in a romantic relationship together and they both worry about what will happen if she does find out.

As I said, I just watched the first episode and you know, I particularly didn’t enjoy it.

If you know me, I freaking love romance anime. The different and intriguing stories that anime shows just makes me feel good and it’s nice to experience a romantic relationship brewing between two (or more) characters.

But, this show is much, much more different than what I’m used to.

Sakura Trick starts the romance aspect, pretty much, immediately with Haruka and Yuu kissing in the empty classroom halfway through the episode. I have a little problem with that, I feel like they’re going way too fast, there was barely any hesitation from both girls and they feel like it’s a breeze to just kiss their best friend on the lips.

Later on, they actually kiss again… and again… and one more time. Now, that’s just repetitive. Yes, the first one actually meant something, they wanted to make their relationship better than any other relationship they’ll have with other people. Okay, the second kiss was just to refresh Yuu’s mind since Haruka thought that Yuu completely forgot about their kiss from earlier. But for the third and fourth time, it just seems like they, I actually mean just Haruka, want to kiss and there’s no real meaning anymore. If this is what happened in the FIRST episode, I can’t imagine what the hell happens for eleven more.

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Minor issue, but there was a scene where Haruka had to jump over a gap to the next balcony to get to their classroom, but then she almost fell off and possibly could’ve hurt herself bad. But, Yuu reacted just in time and saved Haruka but in a really unrealistic way and Studio Deen’s animators just said “fuck you” to physics.

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Other than that, the story doesn’t look that bad, there’s a decent conflict with them trying to hide their romantic relationship from a sister of one of them, so I won’t bash on everything about this show.

In conclusion, this is a show that I probably won’t continue and finish. It really did not amuse me or make me interested after what I saw in the first episode, a relationship that is going way too fast and the actions that the two main characters are doing seems like it’s too much and unnecessary. I know that many people love this show, looking at the popular reviews of this show on MyAnimeList, but it’s not for me.

MyAnimeList Page


3 thoughts on “Sakura Trick (First Impressions) – Eh…

  1. Haha. Let’s not confuse Shoujo Ai and Yuri though. This is Shoujo Ai.
    Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, on the other hand, is a yuri. It’s a natural thing to switch genres though.
    But, lol, the anime is nothing but girl on girl kissing. They do get daring sometimes, but its mostly just their naughty exploits together. There is a cuter couple later in the series, but they just kiss a lot too. I like how the anime even acknowledges that what they’re doing is naughty and better kept a hot secret. XD

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