It’s Gonna Be Busy – Quick Update + Future Plans

Hi there and I just wanted to give a quick little update on my life for the next two weeks and how it’ll affect the blog.

The school year is coming to a close next week (at least for me) and you know what that means!

Image result for anime exam

Unless you go to elementary, middle school or don’t go to school anymore, it’s finals/exam week!

So, I kind of don’t want to fuck my grades up and that might mean the consistency of blog posts will decrease a lot throughout these next two weeks.

It hits me hard in the stomach that I can’t blog as much as I did weeks/months ago but this is an important time right now so I hope you understand my situation.

Image result for anime typing

But, in about two weeks, specifically on the afternoon of Thursday, June 15th, I am going to be freed from the shackles of exams and basically start my summer vacation. Then, I can come back to blog however much I want to.

Later in June, I’ll be playing the highly praised visual novel, Katawa Shoujo and hopefully I’ll be able to write about it or even record a play through and post it on my YouTube channel. I hear it’s really good, it’s sad and I love romance dramas so this might be a good experience for me.

Image result for katawa shoujo

Since we’re on the topic of blogging in the summer, let me give you a quick preview of what will happen next month in July.

I decided that I would be taking part in ANOTHER 30 Day Anime Challenge, but instead of talking about my favorite or worst things in different anime, I’ll be watching a season of an anime of different genres every day of the month.

Image result for 30 day anime challenge

It sounds painful, it will be painful and I don’t know if I can actually keep up with this challenge. But, I am determined to at least try this one out since it sounds fun. Plus, I can experience watching more cool anime!

I also will need your help, mainly just suggesting what anime I should watch for the different genres states from the list above. I can obviously go to MyAnimeList and just pick out some random anime to watch, but it’s more fun to ask the anime community and my followers since I feel like they can be more sincere and real about anime.

So, please help me by suggesting some anime to watch for this challenge! You can see all the genres from the list above so just fire them at me.

That’s pretty much it, guys. I hope you will understand my situation for the next two weeks and I’ll be back in full speed on June 16th. Thanks again!!!



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