Day 7 of “30 Days of µ’s” – Don’t Mess With These Three

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It’s not even finals week yet and I already feel like I’m dying.

Welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge and we’re already a week into this! This is  a challenge where I talk about the different Love Live! related topics from the list above and tell you my opinion on them.

As I said, this is opinion based. Please do not make rude statements about my thoughts, instead please make your comments in a respective and orderly fashion and I would love to read it! Thanks.

God daaaaaaaamn, look at these three.

Consisting of Nico Yazawa (Sora Tokui), Eli Ayase (Nanjo Yoshino) and Maki Nishikino (Pile), we have the more “bad and wild” sub-unit of µ’s, BiBi.

Image result for bibi love live

These girls are a nice trio and are way different than the other sub-units, who are more pure, kawaii and they look like nice girls. BiBi on the other hand…

Image result for bibi love live

Whoooooooooooooa, am I right? Eli’s outfit is definitely unique, I don’t usually see a 17-year-old wear a full leather suit but that’s just me…

Either way, this is a nice group, I love the voice actresses for Eli, Maki and Nico and yeah.

So, today’s topic is my favorite song from BiBi, so here it is!

Love Novels“, the first single by this sub-unit with Eli as the center.

BiBi definitely has a lot of good songs but this one in particular became my favorite.

The way they sing the intro/chorus is just really nice and unique.

But, the significance of this song is the lyrics. Like the other songs I’ve talked about like “Anemone Heart” and yesterday’s post, “Pure girls project”, this song also talks about how these girls like someone and can’t contain their true feelings to them. However, this song takes it to another level and is really straightforward and they even insult the person they’re directing this song to. I know, this sub-unit is fierce.

It practically takes a genius to be as dense as you
Anyone else would’ve noticed ages ago

Oh my goodness, it’s like we have to apologize almost

I’m rushing, you know
I’m crying, you know (I’ve had it with this!)
My love can, can… can, can, can bear fruit?
In short: I like you, so try to like me back (Smooch)

We see here the repeating concept of “i like you so date me now” in a lot of these Love Live songs. But what’s different is that they are way more straightforward than the songs by Printemps or Lily White.

Anyways, pretty much all the verses of this song just talk about how the person they’re directing this song to is an idiot and oblivious for not seeing that these three just want to be your freaking girlfriend already.

I’ll give some honorable mentions for today’s topic just because BiBi has some other really good songs:

Thanks for reading today’s topic and I apologize that this one was later than usual. As you already know, it’s a busy time for me so just be patient for more posts please!!!

What’s your favorite BiBi song? Leave it in the comments below!

Tomorrow, we’ll be finishing off the sub-unit section of this challenge with my favorite song from Lily White.



2 thoughts on “Day 7 of “30 Days of µ’s” – Don’t Mess With These Three

    1. Yeah, to be honest, you would have to really dig deep into this series to find the amazingness of the sub-units. And once you see the different trios that they broke up in, they are unique in their own way! BiBi is definitely much different than the others and that’s one of the reasons why I really like this trio. EliMakiNico was chosen pretty well!

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