Day 8 of “30 Days of µ’s” – Ahhh, So Nice

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Yousoro and welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is the segment where I talk about the different Love Live! related topics from the list above and give my, hopefully, interesting thoughts on them!

This is opinion based, and I suggest you shouldn’t bash on my thoughts in the comments section. Instead, please give your opinion in a respectful and organized way. Thanks!

First off, I would like to mention that it is Nozomi Toujou’s birthday today, June 9th (in Japan), so yeah! Happy Birthday, Nozomi!!

Image result for nozomi birthday

So, I’ve already talked about this sub-unit like three days ago but I’ll do it again here.

Consisting of Umi Sonoda (Mimori Suzuko), Nozomi Toujou (Aina Kusuda) and Rin Hoshizora (Riho Iida), we have my favorite sub-unit, Lily White.

Image result for lily white love live

I like all the members, the way they sing together and their really relaxing and pure songs that they make.

I really do love all of the songs I’ve heard from this sub-unit so it’s a little hard to just pick one. But, here it is:

“Kimi no Kuse ni!”, Lily White’s second single, with Rin as the center.

This song is just has a really nice and pure tone to it, which is one of the factors on why I love this song. The chorus is also really nice to hear.

If we look at the lyrics of this song, this, in fact, does follow the Love Live song standard of “oh shit I have romantic feelings for my tomodachi and I wanna confess so bad”. However, the story this time is that the person LW is directing this song to is their childhood friend, so it’s one of those relationships.

Huh? We’re just friends
My heart shouldn’t be throbbing like this
Huh? We’re childhood friends
So there’s no way I’d fall in love with you!
Huh? We’re just friends
I shouldn’t be feeling jealous like this
Huh? We’re childhood friends
But I think I’m in love; what should I do!?

They talk about how they act with each other now isn’t like how it was when they were childhood friends, for example:

I smack your back jokingly
But quickly feel flustered at how broad it is
Where did your brattiness go?
Now I feel lonely, hmph!

There is also some jealousy going on between LW and the “guy” and how they see some girl with him and they think…

Image result for sonic thats no good gif

Whenever I watch a romance anime where the protagonist has romantic feelings for his/her childhood friend (e.g. the Rihoko arc in Amagami SS), I always seem to root for them to start dating. Something about that close of a relationship going a romantic direction sounds so nice to me.

I’ll definitely give some honorable mentions because I love all of Lily White’s songs:

Thanks for reading today’s topic! Sub-units in this series are great and really add to the fan enjoyment and the musical aspect of Love Live!.

What’s your favorite Lily White song? Leave it in the comments below!

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about my favorite solo song.



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