Day 9 of “30 Days of µ’s” – Hanayo is Best Girl

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Good evening and welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I discuss the different Love Live! topics from the list above and hopefully give you my interesting thoughts!

This is opinion based. Please do not make rude comments on my thoughts. The Love Live! fan community is pretty respectful when it comes to discussion but if you’re going to say something, make it respectful and in an organized way. Thanks!

Speaking of the Love Live! fan community, I got a really nice comment on one of my YouTube videos where I did a “card pack opening” in the mobile rhythm game, Love Live! School Idol Festival, where I got a really rare card/member. Because of that, this person was so happy for me.


Isn’t the community just so nice?

If you read my “Top 15 Favorite Love Live Songs” post, then you probably know what I picked for today’s topic. And that topic is my favorite solo song from this series.

You know, everyone who has watched this anime has to have a favorite member/girl. There are the Umi fans, the Kotori fans, the Maki fans and definitely the Nico fans. But, there is one member of µ’s who, in my opinion, doesn’t get a ton of love in the fandom. And that is Hanayo Koizumi, the shy, rice loving idol fan girl herself.

Related image

While many people see Hanayo as the member with the least camera time, didn’t have a solo in the anime and is the most boring girl out of all nine, I always liked Hanayo. Her calm and shy nature is nice but when she sees a cool idol group or a warm bowl of rice, the overexcited way she acts then is pretty entertaining.

So, here is my absolute favorite solo song from the Love Live! series from the best girl herself:

“Nawatobi” or in English, “Jump Rope”.

This song is a very smooth and calm song, which reflects her personality and I find that pretty cool on whoever wrote this song. Props to you.

Hanayo’s voice, which is the voice actress/seiyuu Yurika Kubo, an actual singer/songwriter, is very nice to hear.

Image result for yurika kubo hanayo

Moving on, we’ll take a look at the lyrics, which fun fact, this song is apparently dedicated to Hanayo’s bestest friend and another member of µ’s, Rin Hoshizora. That just makes this song even more bittersweet.

Image result for love live rin hanayo

Over and over, everyone jumped along the jump rope
And I smiled and laughed, too
Let’s always be together and play
That feeling is precious to me

So, it seems to me that this song is mainly based on just friendships but thanks to this person on AminoApps, I looked at this song in really different way!

The song Nawatobi is song by Hanayo. This song is very simple to understand, its all just about Hanayo saying thank you to all the people who pushed her past her limits to become who she is today. (source)

Now that I look at it, Hanayo does talk about how people, not only Rin, helped her get out of her comfort zone. If you remember from the anime, Hanayo was really hesitant about joining µ’s and Rin convinced her to fulfill her dream of becoming an idol. Also, everyone else encouraged and motivated Hanayo at practice to go beyond her limits.

My gratitude is about to overflow…
Thank you
I’m happy, so happy that I don’t know what to do
So happy that my tears come spilling out
I’m sorry

The reason why Hanayo’s saying that she is sorry is because she is extremely happy to the point of crying so much during this song and she can’t hold it back. And here I am thinking, it’s okay to cry lol

If you would like to watch and listen to a live version of this song, sung by Hanayo’s seiyuu, Yurika Kubo, here you go!

Anyways, that’s that.

Here are some honorable mentions for solo songs:

Thanks for reading today’s topic! I really wished Hanayo had more solo songs… 😦

What’s your favorite solo song from this series? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow to see my least favorite solo song.



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