Day 10 of “30 Days of µ’s” – I Swear I Don’t Hate Nico

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Hi there and welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This segment is where I talk about the different Love Live! related topics from the list above for a whole month.

This is opinion based so while you can disagree with my choices, please do it in a respectful and organized fashion because I would rather not have a bunch of comments with insults towards me for not liking a certain character or song.

So, today’s topic is my least favorite solo song. Yesterday’s was my favorite solo song which was “Nawatobi” by Hanayo Koizumi, if you didn’t see it.

After reading today’s topic, you might think that I absolutely dislike Nico Yazawa. I really just don’t but as I said a few posts ago, she isn’t one of my favorites out of all of the nine. And her some of her songs that she’s featured in, they’re alright.

“Niko puri♥Joshi dou” or in English, “Pretty Nico’s♥Way of Being a Girl” by the one and only Nico Yazawa, is my least favorite solo.

It’s not a bad song but eh.

I will have to say Nico has some solos that are, in my opinion, a lot better than this certain song like “Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita!” and her being the center of “Natsuiro Egao de 1, 2 Jump!” so, yeah.

[ I’m getting sidetracked but I want to talk about the music video above this block of text. If you didn’t know, Love Live! wasn’t an anime at first. It was more of multimedia project started in 2010 by a magazine company, with a group of voice actresses depicting the characters we see now and they went on to make CDs, video games, manga and animated music videos, which what the video above is. As you can see, it is a very, very different art style than what was shown in the anime and I just wanted to clarify on why it looks different. A good amount of the fanbase dislike these animations and preferred the anime visuals, which I’ll have to agree with them on. That’s all, just wanted to say that. ]

Let’s take a look that the lyrics of this solo song.

I vigorously study how to make posed faces.
I’ll give you my most special passion!
I finally reached being lovely~
With a perfected smile
smile smile I won’t ever lose!

So it seems to me that this song is about Nico’s idol personality and how “kawaii” she is.

Puppy dog eyes then a seductive glance… victory!
I’ll give you my special love!
Too much of a cutie!
You now feel like watching over me, right?
Smile smile yes! I won’t ever lose!

Uhm, alright. Nico really wants to show us how cute she is.

Sorry I’m making you so nervous.
I know you don’t want me to be too appealing.
I’m without a doubt a cutie!
You’ll feel like stealing my lips!
Smile smile nope! Not allowed!

I have to earn my happiness on my own!
My smile smile is my weapon!
Look up, YEAH! YEAH!

Okay, so this is telling us that Nico doesn’t want us to kiss her and that she has to earn her happiness by herself. I don’t know if it’s me but this song is starting to not make sense.

But, whatever. It’s an alright song overall.

Thanks for reading today’s topic! I hope the Nico fans aren’t too angry at me lol

What’s your least favorite solo from this series? Leave it in the comments below!

Tomorrow, come back to see which member is most like me.



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