Day 12 of “30 Days of µ’s” – What’s School Idol Festival?

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Good evening and welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I talk about the Love Live! related topics from the list above and give you my, hopefully, interesting thoughts about them.

Also, this is opinion based. I’d rather not have a comments section of insults. If you’re going to comment, do it in a respective and organized fashion. Thanks!

I got a lot to talk about today related to Love Live!, so let’s start!

First off, June 13th (in Japan), is the birthday of the person who ultimately made Aqours happen. From Love Live! Sunshine!!, it’s the cheerful and passionate Mari Ohara! Happy Birthday, Mari!

Image result for mari ohara birthday

Secondly, I want to talk about some minor decisions I made for this month’s challenge. After today’s topic, days 13-20 are going to be mainly discussing different cards from the mobile rhythm game, Love Live! School Idol Festival.

Because of me not having that much knowledge of the different cards in the game (it’s not like I don’t play the game a lot, I do, but the cards have different abilities and costumes and I don’t want to get into that boring stuff), I decided to skip those eight days and just go right into Day 21 tomorrow.

That means the challenge will end on June 22nd, and other reasons on why I wanted to skip those days is just to take a break from the 30 Day Challenges, prepare for next month’s challenge and also post other anime-related content since I think you all will want a break from all the Love Live! stuff. I hope you understand!

Image result for love live gif

So you might be asking, “What the hell is Love Live! School Idol Festival and why do you keep mentioning it?”

The answer is that it’s a mobile rhythm game for iOS and Android that is based around the series, Love Live!… obviously.

I picked this game up right after I finished the first season of Love Live! Sunshine!! just to check it out and to this day, I’m already almost level 80. Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing with my life lol

It features all the songs, I believe, from both µ’s (School Idol Project) and Aqours (Sunshine!!) and it’s a rhythm game like Dance Dance Revolution, osu! or one of the those musical mobile games.

But what’s different is that it has a different layout when you play the actual game with nine circles to tap along with the music, just like the number of members in µ’s and Aqours.

Image result for love live school idol festival

The beatmaps, how the “tapping” smoothly goes with the song, are actually one of the best I’ve seen for rhythm games, so props to KLab to taking time to make the gameplay great.

Another significance of this rhythm game is that you collect these “cards” or “members” to create a team to do different songs, which both songs and members have different attributes to connect each other. The three attributes are “Cool”, “Pure” and “Smile”. You also can level your individual cards up to make them better, scoring wise, when playing songs.

Let me give you an example, even though I’m making this explanation really complicated:

Let’s say I have this Rare Honoka Kousaka that has a “Smile” attribute,

Image result for love live school idol festival card

I would then make a team with her and eight other members that have the same attribute as her, to play a song that has the same attribute, “Smile”, in order to get a better score.


Did that make sense? lol

“Scouting” as you can see from the picture above, at the bottom, is where you can use Friend Points or Love Gems that you earn to basically “open card packs” and hopefully get a really rare card. The rarity ranges from Normal, Rare, Super Rare, SSR (which I assume is Super Super Rare or some shit like that) and the rarest of them all, Ultra Rare. If you’re lucky to get an Ultra Rare, you might run into some salty people who don’t have as much luck as you.


Cards, or members, also have different abilities to help you while you’re doing a live show. Examples are boosting your score or refilling your stamina bar, which doesn’t seem that effective, but believe me, it is.

There are probably about over a thousand cards that you can collect so it’s really nice to see the more rare ones if you’re lucky.

Other than that, the story mode you can play, where you’re a helper of µ’s and Aqours and just tag along their different adventures around their area. It’s a nice extension to the story of the anime.

But, let’s get into the kind of “bad side” of School Idol Festival.

One bad thing is that it’s a game where you might be tempted to pay money to. If you play games on your phone a lot, you obviously know that most games will have an option for you to pay to get more coins, lives, etc., right? Well, for SIF, it’s more like “pay us $50 and have a low chance to get one Ultra Rare card!” (if you’re that impatient to earn Love Gems). It’s that bad. And people pay hundreds of dollars to do so.

Image result for love live school idol festival scout
Here we have Hanayo getting a UR while Honoka’s getting all the stupid common Rare cards.

Lastly, the SIF community can be pretty cool but some can be kind of an asshole. Examples are that there people who will insult you for just showing that you got a really rare card, there are people who will make fun of you for not knowing a lot of things about this game and there are people who are scammers (and yes, selling and buying SIF accounts are really common). If you’re going to play this game, just know that those kind of people will be present.

So, to answer today’s topic: yes, I do play School Idol Festival but I don’t play it seriously, I barely know any of the techniques and terms hardcore players use and I try to stay away from interacting with the community.

For a better explanation for what this game is about, visit the Wikia page.

Also, if you want to see me scout an Ultra Rare card and play a song in this game, watch my video on it here:

Also, here’s a video of me a few months ago playing a bunch of songs for half an hour, if you’re wondering how it’s like (also, I tend to swear a lot in this video, i don’t know what’s wrong with me but I apologize and just warning you):

Thanks for reading today’s topic and I apologize that it’s super long. I didn’t think it would take this long to explain a mobile game but yeah. Hopefully that was informative or entertaining.

Come back tomorrow to see my favorite seiyuu/voice actress from this anime!



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