Day 21 of “30 Days of µ’s” – I CAN’T PICK ONE

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One. More. Day… until I’m done with my finals. lol

Welcome once again to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I talk about the different Love Live! related topics from the list above and give you my, hopefully, interesting comments about them.

Also, this is opinion based, and while you can definitely have your own opinion and disagree with my choices, please express it in a respectful matter. Thanks!

Also, you didn’t catch the update in the last post for this challenge, I said I would be skipping Days 13-20 because of my limited knowledge for those topics, plus it says on the list that they are optional. That means I skipped to Day 21 and the challenge will end on Thursday, June 22nd. Thanks!

There are times where you have to make a really tough decision…


Image result for why gif

It sounds so simple, yet so difficult.

The reason why I’m making this such a big deal is that, frankly, I seriously love all the seiyuu in the original Love Live! series, so it’s actually extremely hard to just pick one. They all have their quirky personalities, the way they all are so friendly and funny together and it really looks like they’re a big happy family. I’ve watched most of the seiyuu videos, even re-watched them numerous times and got to experience this series, but on the seiyuu side of Love Live!.

Image result for love live seiyuu

They range from the silly Sora Tokui (Nico’s seiyuu) to the more calm and cool Pile-chan (Maki’s seiyuu), but ALL OF THEM ARE GREAT.

But, unfortunately, I’ll have to pick one as my favorite. It’s a damn shame I have to do this but, here we go.

My favorite seiyuu from the original Love Live! series is…

“god, picking a seiyuu from Love Live Sunshine would be way easier…”

Image result for mimori suzuko

Mimori Suzuko, the voice of Umi Sonoda, is my favorite SIP seiyuu.

First off, her voice is just, uh, amazing.

Secondly, she is just so pure and also funny sometimes, after watching the different seiyuu videos that she was in.

This video isn’t about Love Live! but it shows you the silliness of Mimorin:

So, yeah! To improve on why Mimorin is my favorite seiyuu, please watch these few videos with her featured in it.

  • Mimorin unfortunately found out about an event that she was not aware of and got really jealous about it.
  • One of the first seiyuu videos I ever saw, how would Maki, Honoka, Kotori and Umi react to some guys complimenting them? Find out here!
  • A fun seiyuu event where they split up in teams to compete in a bunch of amusing party games. You should check it out.

Other than Love Live!, she has been in quite a lot of other anime such as Shion Sumeragi from GJ-buHimawari Furutani from YuruYuri and the pink-haired and energetic as hell Kanae Shinjou from the insanely silly anime, Teekyuu.

Image result for teekyuu kanae

MyAnimeList Page


  • Emi Nitta (Honoka), Sora Tokui (Nico), Riho Iida (Rin) and Yurika Kubo (Hanayo) become different characters from the group and impersonates them in unique scenarios, for this one we see that they interpret Maki, Eli, Nozomi and Honoka going to an amusement park and how they do it is pretty… “amusing” hahahahahhahaha
  • Here we have Aya Uchida (Kotori), Mimorin, Shikaco and Emitsun acting as their characters and trying to help out a guy who is unfortunately ill, not with medicine, but just nice words.
  • Another one of the acting scenarios, this time, Ucchi, Emitsun, Pile and Nanjolno try to help their friend calm down and not be nervous before a live concert.
  • To end it off, here’s NozoEli Radio Garden, a podcast type of show that the voice actresses of Eli Ayase (Nanjou Yoshino) and Nozomi Toujou (Aina Kusuda) were in, and it’s just really fun to watch an hour and a half of these two.

Damn, that took longer than I wanted it to be, but I just really couldn’t decide on one of these voice actresses. They’re all amazing. Period.

Now, Love Live! Sunshine!!, on the other hand…

Image result for saitou shuka

Thanks for reading today’s topic!

Who’s your favorite seiyuu/voice actress from µ’s? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow to see my favorite episode from season 1 of the anime.



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