Day 23 of “30 Days of µ’s” – Favorite Season 2 Episode!

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Welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I have been discussing the different Love Live! related topics from the list above and giving you, hopefully, interesting thoughts to think about and even respond to.

Also, this is opinion based, and while you can definitely have your own opinion and disagree with my choices, please express it in a respectful matter. Thanks!

Now, season 2 of Love Live! School Idol Project is where it gets way better.

As you saw in the title, today’s topic is my favorite episode from season 2 of the series. While a significant amount of episodes were really good, the one I’ll talk about today is probably the best out of every episode, season one and two.

Let’s just get into it now!

Image result for love live s2 ep 11

Episode 11, “That Which We Decided/Our Decision”, released on June 15th, 2014.

** REALLY BIG SPOILERS INCOMING so if you haven’t watch this series and want to, you might want to click away now. **

Yukiho and Alisa, the sisters of Honoka and Eli, have passed their exams to enter Otonokizaka and join the school idol club, or more specifically, join µ’s. Alisa then wonders about and even asks Honoka what will happen to the group after the third years, Eli, Nozomi and Nico, graduate.

Image result for love live s2 ep 11

Honoka has had this heavy decision on her shoulders for the past few days and needs to decide if continuing µ’s without the third-years is the best idea.

After they talk to Honoka and have a discussion with each other, Yukiho and Alisa made the decision to not join µ’s and instead make their own idol group, and you know what her reason was? That she loves this great group because of the nine members.

After hearing their decision, Honoka rounded up everybody in µ’s to spend a day filled with fun and hanging out with each other. Everyone had to pick a place to go to and it was just a nice montage to watch.

Image result for love live beach scene

Honoka had the last choice for the day, and she decided to go to the beach to watch the beautiful sunset. And while they look into the orange and yellow sky, Honoka and the others ultimately say that µ’s will disband after the third years graduate, after discussing with each other and having the same answer.

A lot of mixed emotions were present, with everyone about to shed tears, Nico expressing her anger about this decision, but the third years end up agreeing with the idea of disbanding, because µ’s isn’t µ’s without all nine of them.

Everyone has tears flowing through their eyes but before Honoka also cries, she quickly defuses the sadness with saying that they’re going to be late for the last train of the evening, then everyone ends up running as fast as they can to catch it.

They find out that the trains are still running for a while more and Honoka confessed that she didn’t want everyone to stay at the beach, crying for the rest of the night.

Everyone decides to get into a small photo booth and take a picture with each other, to remember a great and important memory of this group’s history.

Image result for love live s2 ep 11

While waiting for the train, they end up crying again, and Nico saying that she won’t cry over and over again, but she can’t hold it in any longer.

Image result for love live beach scene

To end it off, it shows them back at Otonokizaka, preparing for their final performance.

Oh man, after skimming through this episode to refresh my memory, I had a hard time not trying to tear up.

Alright, so this was definitely an important episode and an important decision Honoka had to make. The way this episode unfolded was really nice, with the fun scenes first then we get the tearjerkers at the end.

I remember when I first saw this episode, man, it was very, very emotional to watch. When Maki told Nico that this was the best decision for them to when Rin said to Hanayo, “Kayo-chin, we promised not to cry, so I’m trying really hard, but I just can’t…”, damn that really started making me tear up.

And the scene where they all just let it out, oh my goodness.

I’m picturing how the voice recording session went down, and if the voice actresses genuinely cried, that would make me happy and I wouldn’t be surprised because of seeing all the fun they had together for a long period of time, now about to end.

Related image

This episode was by far, the most memorable and definitely my favorite out of all the episodes of this anime.

Here’s the scene at the train station, and it’s heavily cropped because of copyright issues, so I suggest you just watch it on a regular streaming site for the full experience:

Honorable Mentions

I had to give out some of my other favorite episodes:

  • Episode 3, “Door of Dreams – when my favorite A-RISE song debuted, “Shocking Party” and the beautiful “Yume no Tobira” was performed at the preliminary round of the competition
  • Episode 5, “A New Me” – An episode focused on Rin and how she is appointed temporary leader of µ’s, with a conflict involving past memories
  • Episode 7, “We Have to Do Something” – the episode when Hanayo and Honoka find out that they have gained weight and Umi absolutely forces them to go on a diet, while the conflict of fixing up a mistake that the student council made, occurs
  • Episode 9, “Melody of the Heart” – the day of the Love Live prelim finals happen but Honoka, Kotori and Umi end up being held back due to a school issue. The problem is that there is a massive blizzard and if the three don’t get to the venue in time, then their dreams may not come true. Also, “Snow halation” FINALLY was performed

Thanks for reading today’s topic! If a show can make me actually cry, then it’s a good show.

What’s your favorite episode from season 2? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow to see me discuss some of the minimal amount of Love Live! merchandise I have.



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