Day 25 of “30 Days of µ’s” – One True Pair

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Welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I discuss the different Love Live! related topics from the list above and give you my, hopefully, interesting thoughts on them!

Also, this challenge is opinion based. Just don’t say rude things about my choices and be respectful and we will all be happy.

If you don’t know what a “ship” is, then you are in for a treat.

No, I’m not talking about ships like this one:

Image result for ship

I’m talking about ships, shorted from “relationSHIP”, between two fictional characters. You can interpret it however the hell you want, either romantic or friendly, but most think it’s a romantic relationship. Many people have been doing this in pretty much all types of entertainment, not only anime.

So, when it comes to a show like Love Live!, the fan community takes it through the roof and people actually have legitimate arguments about who is the OTP and some even scold others about their ships. Shipping of characters from the community can look like this:

Image result for love live shipping chart


So, while I won’t do one of those charts, let me give you my favorite pairing in µ’s.

Image result for nozoeli

Am I right or am I right?

The pairing of Nozomi Toujou (Aina Kusuda) and Eli Ayase (Nanjou Yoshino), or more widely known as NozoEli, is my favorite ship, if you ask me.

I, personally, don’t give a damn about shipping and what my “One True Pair” is in this series, but seeing these two character have a great relationship with each other, I thought they would be a nice pair.

In the anime, they helped each other out a lot such as when Nozomi convinced Eli to let Honoka create her idol group and right after, they both joined µ’s. Later in the show, Eli helped out Nozomi when she seemed like she was not feeling well.

But what made me like this pairing a lot more was their nice duet with each other, called “Garasu no Hanazono”, or in English, “Garden of Glass”.

And the lyrics to this song basically makes this ship come true now. Take a look:

Our secret romance
And even though I want to feel you
All we can do is painfully gaze at each other
The feelings we can’t have as girls who are in love with love
Why do they have to be so painful?

God damn, there is no brakes on the NozoEli train, is there.

So, yeah, I really like these two and while I don’t really care about the romance part, their friendship and chemistry together is amazing. While I also appreciate RinPana (Rin + Hanayo) and HonoKoto (Honoka + Kotori), this pairing has to take the cake for me.

Bonus video: Here’s a radio segment the voice actresses of these two, Nanjou Yoshino and Aina Kusuda did. It’s a fun video to watch and they look like they’re basically best friends.

Thanks for reading today’s topic!

What’s your Love Live OTP? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow to see my favorite single from µ’s.



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