Day 26 of “30 Days of µ’s” – An Amazing Single

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Welcome back to the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I discuss the different Love Live! related topics from the list above and give you my, hopefully, interesting thoughts on them!

Also, this challenge is opinion based. Just don’t say rude things about my choices and be respectful and we will all be happy.

So, today’s topic is my favorite music video or single that µ’s has released. While there are so many that I can pick, this particular one has to take the cake for me:

“soldier game” featuring Umi Sonoda (Mimori Suzuko), Eli Ayase (Nanjou Yoshino) and Maki Nishikino (Pile).

So, so, so good.

If you ask me, the members of µ’s who have the nicest voices has to be these three ladies. Their singing definitely blends in with each other and it just sounds great.

I really wished that this trio would’ve been a final sub-unit, it would be basically BiBi without Nico… here I go sounding like I hate Nico (i don’t, please dont hurt me). But, in seriousness, if I had the chance of changing the sub-units, I would hands down make these three into one group.

If we look at lyrics, this is my first time even reading the translation as well, so here we go:

Three, two, one, zero! Here’s my intro
Please look at me; I’m completely serious
My thrilling beauty will win, without fail

I whisper gentle words
I’m not just pretending to be cute
I have to coldly, strongly protect
those precious to me, and those weak

Honestly, I don’t really get this song. I’m guessing that they are trying to get someone to like them in some way and even competing with another person that loves the same person? I don’t know exactly, but this song sounds great, so that’s all I’ll care about lol

It’s a shame that this song never got performed live with all three of them together, mainly because Eli’s seiyuu (Nanjou Yoshino) never found time to do a live performance. This was performed live with only Umi and Maki’s seiyuus which sounds great anyways.

(i have no clue why the title of the video is that, but it’s a short clip of Mimori Suzuko and Pile performing this song)

Love Live Wikia Page

Thanks for reading today’s topic! There are many singles in this series and it’s a shame not include a lot of them but this one has to be my favorite.

What’s your favorite µ’s single? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow to see what my favorite set from the mobile game is.



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