Seiyuu Spotlight! (Artist Edition) – azusa

Hello and welcome to another post for my unscheduled segment here, on the Alfredeo Blog called, Seiyuu Spotlight!. This is where I discuss some seiyuu, or in today’s case, someone who was involved with an anime who didn’t voice act, talk about what they have done in the industry and other things. This could also help you pick out your next anime to watch, after reading about different voice actors or actresses.

Today, I wanted to do this segment in a different way. Instead of talking about a voice actor or actress, I really wanted to talk about a certain artist who has done the opening and ending themes of a show I’ve watched. It’s not a seiyuu but I wanted to break the rules for this one. So, let’s get started!

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If you have been around the blog for a while, there’s no question that I love a certain romance comedy anime called Amagami SS (2010). The unique way they tell the story, the amusing characters and the great music that they show, is why I gave this show a 10/10 even though the average rating on MyAnimeList is only 7.55. If you want to see my full review on this show, click here!

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After finishing this show, to this day, I tend to still hum or sing the opening themes and the ending theme of season 2, just because it is extremely nice to hear and it’s burned into my mind now. And the person who made those songs is Azusa Mitsu or widely know by her stage name, azusa.

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Some background info (thanks to Generasia):

  • a former member of musical group called Sparkling Point, alongside Asuka Sato and Airi Tanaka; they disbanded in 2009
  • After Sparkling Point’s disbandment, azusa was the only one who would continue in the music industry as a soloist
  • Her birthday is on December 4, 1988
  • Hobbies are thumb wrestling and sleeping
  • One of her favorite artists is aiko, the person who made the ending song for the recently popular anime movie, Koe no Katachi.

azusa signed with Pony Canyon, the extremely popular publisher of music, anime, DVD, movies and such, in 2010. On August 21st, she debuted her solo career with a song called “i Love”, which was the opening theme of season one of Amagami SS.

Man, oh, man, this song is so beautiful. Right from the get-go, I get chills at the beginning. Azusa definitely has a really nice voice and the music in the background really pairs together with her and it just sounds nice. The lyrics are pretty standard, it talks about a great romantic relationship between a girl and a guy and how much she loves him.

Next up, we have the second opening of this show, “Kimi no Mama de” (transl: The Way You Are), released on October 20th, 2010. And you know, I think I like this opening better than the first one.

Honestly, I can’t really say anything new about this song, she still sounds amazing, the music that accompanies azusa is still good but something about this song just makes better than the first one. Looking at the lyrics, they’re pretty nice:

You stay as you are, and I’ll stay as myself, and if we could understand everything
Then the two of us are one
No matter how small the happiness, I’ve got a feeling I’ll find it
The reason I became so kind is thanks to you

Thirdly, azusa also wrote the song for Amagami SS+, the second season, called “Check my soul”, released on February 1st, 2012.

I really love this song. The chorus is very memorable and as I said, I always see myself humming it in the most random times. A funny thing I’ll mention is that one of my YouTube videos, I reenacted an anime opening as a joke (i am weird, i know) and included this particular song since I was watching Amagami SS at that time.

My heart started stirring
Let’s run off together right now

Listen to the sound of my heart
Let’s go to the place where my heart races

Also, the music video is just nice to see and we just watch azusa being azusa.

Lastly, she also did the ending for second season, “Kokuhaku” (transl: Confession), released on February 8th, 2012.

What’s different is that it is way slower than the other songs she did for this show. Which isn’t a bad thing, it still is a really nice song to hear. Like most of the other songs, the chorus is my favorite part. Lyrics are nice, now that I read them:

what if you started walking towards someone else?
i can’t bear the thought
i want to pull you into my arms and hold you tight right this instant
i let the feelings escape from my mouth

Leaning away from Amagami SS, she also has some other songs that are on the same level as what she did for that show.

On May 18th, 2011, azusa released “Manatsu no Photograph” (transl: Midsummer Photograph), which is also the ending for an anime called Astarotte no Omocha!.

Released on April 27th, 2011, azusa released “Yume Note” (transl: Dream Note), the opening for a sports drama anime, Moshidora.

Lastly, she released a song called “Taiyou no Sign” (transl: Sign of the Sun), also the ending for an anime called Busou Shinki.

Overall, if you listen to one song and you happen to like it, you will enjoy every other song by her. She has a nice theme that she goes by when she creates songs and it’s just so pure and amazing to hear. There are so many other good songs that I could’ve included but I feel like this list is getting a bit too long but you should search up her other songs if you liked what you heard here!

To be very honest, I think the intro of “Check my soul” actually persuaded me to learn how to play the piano, which I hope to accomplish the basics this summer. That idea just seriously came out of nowhere one day.

But, on November 6th, 2013, azusa announced that she will go on hiatus, and pretty much retired from her musical career. It’s a shame that we will probably never see another song by azusa again, but she definitely put out some great songs in her short career.

“I will definitely find something make my future life shine. So, please take care of yourself till then, everyone. I miss you, but it’s a goodbye for now. I really appreciate all of your supports till today.” (source)

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MyAnimeList Page

Thanks for reading today’s post and I hope you listen to at least one of her songs! They’re great!

There will be another Seiyuu Spotlight post later this week, with an actual seiyuu next time. Now that I think about it, I might make a segment for just musical artists who were involved in anime.



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