Tsuki ga Kirei Ep 10 Thoughts – So Many Emotions

I didn’t get to watch last week’s episode on the day it came out due to it being delayed, the weather was way too hot for me to pay attention to watch anything and some other dumb excuses from me. But, man, oh, fuckin man, Tsuki ga Kirei just gets better and better.

If you don’t know what Tsuki ga Kirei is, it is a romance drama airing right now in the Spring 2017 anime season about two young students creating a romantic relationship, for the first time, with each other and them having to deal with jealousy and other events that can break their love for each other. It sounds a little cheesy but if you actually watch it, it’s a nice romance anime to watch.

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(I tend to do these episode reviews really long and basically spoils the whole episode so if you don’t want to be spoiled, please click away and go watch it! :D)

So, if you remember from the last episode, Akane told Kotarou on LINE messenger that she was going to move to Chiba, a significant distance to where they live now. This came to a shock for Kotarou, with him having to call Akane to confirm the text message.

Akane later has a parent-teacher conference with her mom to see if changing to Koumei Private High School will be easy and later on, when she got her application to apply there, Akane saw Kotarou at his cram school. They later got together and talked a little about the future of their relationship, with Kotarou saying that even though they will be far apart, they’ll still make it work… and he even says he’ll try to enroll in Koumei as well.

A local festival called the Kawagoe Festival is coming up, and Kotarou will be performing for that traditional dance/thing that he’s been practicing for a while. Akane insists that she’ll be there to watch him.

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The festival is now here, with Akane meeting up with her friends from track, since I think this would be the last time they would hang out together. They have a fun time playing games, eating food and going to a spooky haunted house together.

Akane then watches Kotarou’s performance, with Chinatsu and the other friend realizing that that person dancing was Kotarou himself. After the performance, Kotarou has time to spare before the next performance so he decides that he’ll go meet up with Akane.

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Meanwhile, Akane and the guy I keep forgetting his name, Hira, end up losing rock-paper-scissors with resulted in them having to throw away everyone’s trash. And here we go with the more dramatic moments of this episode.

Akane and Hira goes and buys “imokoi”, basically a small treat with sweet potatoes and red bean paste, and while Akane eats, Hira finally confesses to Akane that he has had a crush on her for a while.

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Obviously, she is in a relationship right now and tells Hira that but he then asks why she picked Kotarou even though she has known Hira for so long. Akane says that Hira is just a friend while Kotarou is a different person to her. Hira then just agrees that he can’t get Akane anymore and also relieved that he got that off his chest… but there’s no happy ending yet.

A particular someone saw what went down between those two. I think you know who saw it…

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Kotarou then tells Akane on LINE to go where he is and then they hang out together. Akane tells Kotarou that Hira confessed, and that she denied him, but the problem is that after the explanation, Kotarou acts a little differently, and he seems a little aggressive now. Akane asks what’s going on with him but he keeps denying that he’s angry even though it’s obvious that he is. Kotarou then gets fed up with Akane being near him and tells her that he has to go back to perform again. This then results to Akane having to go to a secluded place, starts to cry and ends up going back home.

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Throughout the night and the next day, Kotarou and Akane have some mixed emotions about their relationship now and they don’t even talk to each other at school the next day. Kotarou goes to his usual hang out spot during lunch, and while being stressed, he sees the squishie that Akane got him a few episodes back. He calms himself down at that point and is determined to do something…

Akane goes back to the cram school and while browsing the catalog (i’m not sure what that’s called), she notices that there is another Koumei high school brochure on the shelf. She asks the staff why it’s there and they say that another person requested to apply to Koumei… who could that be?

Akane runs outside to find Kotarou and little do you know, he happens to be walking home. Akane confronts Kotarou and it’s true, he is going to apply for the same school as Akane, even though he hasn’t told his parents yet and that it’s a two hour train ride from where he lives. After thinking about his future and his passion for writing, he decides that he wants to be with Akane and straight from his mouth, “I am serious about this”.

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Akane is so happy that she runs up to him and hugs him while Kotarou doesn’t know if he should hug her back or not and apologizes for how he acted at the festival. She apologizes as well and says that she thought he hated her now but good guy Kotarou never hated her.

And it ends off with an unexpected, yet amazing way:

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As I said in the title, a lot of emotions were being felt throughout this episode.

With the feeling of surprise when Kotarou told Akane that he might go to the same school; the feeling of anger and sadness when Kotarou shunned Akane and when Akane started crying; and finally the feeling of happiness when Kotarou told Akane that he wants to be with her and you know, when they kissed.

As a person who loves romance anime, this show just gets better, if not every episode, every other episode at the least. You might have to be one of those people who really enjoys romance and likes how the two characters create a relationship to fully enjoy this show because this might be too love heavy for many people.

Honestly, that’s all I can really say, I’m still developing what I just watched and it’s really nice to watch Kotarou and Akane slowly start to love each other more and more.

Go watch this show if you like romance anime.

Also, here is the song that was playing at the end when they were at the bridge, IT SOUNDS AMAZING

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34822/Tsuki_ga_Kirei



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