Why Is Love Live! So Likable?

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Hi there and this post is apart of a 30 Day challenge I’m doing on my blog that is based on the anime series Love Live!.

If you would like to see the rest of the topics I talked about for the past month from the list above, please click here to start at the beginning!

Also, this is opinion based. Please be aware of that and if you’re going to say something, do it in a respectful and organized fashion. Thank you!

So, today I’ll be talking about the overview of this series, it’s massive popularity and why I talk about this anime so much.

Love Live!, while most people know it as a hit anime series with two seasons with an average rating of 7.85 on MyAnimeList, was actually originally a multimedia project between ASCII Media Works‘ magazine called Dengeki G’s Magazine, music label Lantis and the animation studio Sunrise, who made a lot of shows from the Gundam series.

These three companies collaborated to write a story, produce songs and CDs, manga adaptations, video games and eventually a 13-episode anime TV series in 2013, and a spin-off show in 2016.

The story boils down to a group of school girls named “µ’s” find out that their school is shutting down, and decide to take this situation in their own hands to save Otonokizaka High. In order to do so, they become “school idols”, a group where they sing, dance and shine brightly on stage to attract students for them to enroll at Otonokizaka.

Image result for love live
From left to right: Maki Nishikino, Nozomi Toujou, Umi Sonoda, Eli Ayase, Honoka Kousaka, Kotori Minami, Rin Hoshizora, Hanayo Koizumi and Nico Yazawa

The group consists of unique members such as Honoka Kousaka, the leader of µ’s who is always energetic and determined to finish a goal, but can be clumsy and lazy; Nico Yazawa, an idol fangirl who aims to become the cutest and most amazing idol ever, while having a different personality in private with her group members; and Maki Nishikino, a rich, tsundere type of girl who has a passion of playing piano.

This series is music-based and a lot of songs were written for this group and performed in the anime, music videos and live concerts. Songs varied with the whole group singing, in a sub-unit and solo songs that each of the member sang.

To add on, Love Live! also has a very popular mobile game created based around the series called Love Live! School Idol Festival, a rhythm based game with the feature of collecting different members/cards.

On April 1st, 2016, the final μ’s live concert occurred, µ’s Final LoveLive! ~µ’sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~, where an estimate of 250,000 people attended the two day event. This day also marked when this group/project came to a close, with a legacy that will never be forgotten.

Image result for love live final live

As I said, a good amount of people only know this series from the anime. What I mean by that is that people will just watch the show, enjoy it, then move on to another anime.

But, if you dig deep enough into the Love Live! ground, you will see that there is a massive fan base, people from all over the world, supporting, praising and even worshiping this series/group to this day, even though it ended little over a year ago.

The fans’ activities can vary to playing the mobile game, buying merchandise, creating fan dance groups where they perform different songs and dress up like the characters, drawing fan art and much, much, much more. Seriously, the sky’s the limit for this series.

Image result for love live fans

The popularity in Japan seems to be very, very high since, well, the picture above and I heard on a Reddit post, “I have spent my last 2 days in Akihabara (a very popular area in Japan) and there is even more Love Live stuff than One Piece it is freaking insane”.

So, answering the question from the list at the top, “why do you like Love Live?”.

Member Personalities

What first hooked me into jumping into the deep pits of Idol Hell was definitely the unique personalities of each character. Pretty much every µ’s member is different in their own way like how Umi Sonoda is seen as a mature and has the qualities of a leader; while on the other hand, we have Hanayo Koizumi, extremely shy, was too scared to join an idol group and usually has other people make decisions for her. The unique qualities of the members are loved by the fans, it being shy, energetic, cute, whatever. This can also help you pick out your best girl!

Image result for love live rin gif

Catchy Songs

To be honest, I think you would actually need to appreciate cutesy pop music to enjoy what Love Live! creates.

When I first discovered Love Live!, I listened to their most popular song to this day, which is “Snow halation”. I think a lot of people, people who don’t even watch this show, have at least listened to the chorus, just because it’s, as I said, really popular in the anime community.

After finishing the anime, I actually downloaded a lot of their songs and discovered a treasure trove of damn good songs that were not shown in the anime. Singles, duets, sub-unit songs, it’s a shame that they weren’t featured in the actual shows. The genres can range to pop, rock, electronic, jazz, ballads, traditional, there’s a variety.

This aspect of Love Live! made me really like this show and to this day, I’m still listening to their songs, whether it be µ’s or the spin-off group, Aqours.

Entertaining Seiyuu

Before Love Live!, I never experienced seeing the real life seiyuu of the anime I’ve watched. Maybe a little bit of K-On!, but I just didn’t get into watching the people behind the characters’ voices.

But, when I stumbled upon a seiyuu video with the voice actresses of Maki, Honoka, Kotori and Umi, I was just sucked into another world of this series.

Every voice actress, including the ones from Aqours, are funny and pretty much real life counterparts of their respective characters in the show. It’s cool to see them have fun in the different TV and online segments they do and say to yourself, “Oh wow, Mimori Suzuko actually looks like Umi”. The videos pretty much speak for themselves, so you can take a look at them:

Honestly, that’s all I can really say about this show. Those three (and possibly a few more but I don’t want to get into them) are the main factors on why I really enjoy this series.

Idols can be praised by some and criticized by some in the anime community. In my opinion, if you enjoy cutesy music, a school setting and the aspect of Japanese idols in your anime, you might want to check this one out.

Thanks for reading this, and that’s my answer for today’s topic.

If you have experienced Love Live!, why do you like the series? Leave it in the comments below!

Come back tomorrow to see the final day of this challenge, and see if I would join μ’s, if I had the chance.



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