Would You Join μ’s? (Love Live!)

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Hey there and welcome to the finale of the 30 Days of µ’s Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where I have been discussing the different topics related to Love Live! and giving my, hopefully, interesting thoughts to you guys!

Also, this is opinion based. I would rather not have a comments section with insults and such so if you are going to make a comment, please do it in a respectful and organized fashion. Thanks!

You also might be saying, “wait, if this is a 30 day challenge and it’s only the 22nd, what happened to the other eight days?”. Well, Days 13 through 20 talks about the different cards in the mobile game, and I do not have the sufficient knowledge about those to write a good post for each. So, I skipped those eight days for other reasons such as taking a break from challenges and wanting to post other anime related stuff rather than Love Live!. Plus, the challenge even says those topics are optional so I’ll take advantage of that. Hope you understand!

“If you had the chance, would you join μ’s?”

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You know what, just to get straight to the point, my answer is, absolutely not.

Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’m not saying that the group is so bad I would never join it, no. What I’m saying is basically the opposite of that, which is the group is so GOOD that I would never join it.

I don’t expect this post to be very long since I only have one pretty important reason why I wouldn’t join μ’s.

** anime spoilers incoming **

Episode 11 of season 2 will help me back up my argument.

Alisa and Yukiho, the sisters of Eli and Honoka, have passed their entrance exams, are planning to attend Otonokizaka and are even determined to join the school idol club, or more specifically, μ’s.

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With their future school lives basically already planned out, Alisa wonders and asks Honoka, what will happen to the group after the third years, Nozomi, Nico and Eli, graduate. This makes Honoka have a heavy weight on her shoulders and has to decide what the best thing for this group is, going towards the future.

Later in the episode and after talking it over, Alisa and Yukiho decide that they will not join μ’s and instead create their own school idol group. This makes Honoka, and later everyone else, realize the choice that they’ll make for μ’s.

Image result for μ's is not the same without everyone

Towards the end of the episode at the beach, everyone except for the third years, said in unison that, “μ’s will disband” after the upperclassmen go off to college.

Honoka: It has to be the nine of us. The nine of us make μ’s!

Umi: We know it’s normal to have members leaving and joining.

Maki: But we’re different.

Hanayo: μ’s is the nine of us.

Rin: I can’t imagine any of us missing.

Kotori: If just one of us is missing, it won’t be μ’s!

And there you have it. μ’s won’t be μ’s if it’s not strictly these nine members.

It’s like The Beatles, The Beastie Boys, and hell, if I was going to make a more modern comparison, One Direction. It’s just not the same with the core members not present.

Image result for the beatles disband

Why would you add another person if it’s not going to have the same impact and feeling the group originally had?

In conclusion, what I’m trying to say is that, Alisa, Yukiho and μ’s themselves, made the correct decision of, for one, not joining what is already amazing; and for two, realizing the unstoppable force of the nine members combined can have and what would happen if that force be broken, and instead leave a great legacy for other school idol groups to look up to.

tl;dr: i wouldn’t join μ’s because it won’t have the same impact and feeling if someone joins or leaves.

I might be talking nonsense in this post but that’s my opinion and hopefully you understood it.

And that’s it, folks! Challenge completed!

This challenge was fun. I’m gonna sound like a broken record right now but I do genuinely like this series. Everything about it is very enjoyable and I’m not really surprised that it has such a huge fan base.

And I hope you had a little fun reading my thoughts on the different topics, could relate a little or if you haven’t experienced this series, maybe you can give this a try for the next anime you watch?

Either way, it was nice talking about this series for almost a month and yeah.

I’m not sure if I’ll do an Aqours (Love Live! Sunshine!!) challenge, but if I do, it’s definitely not going to be happening for a while 😛

I’ll see you in July for the next 30 Day Challenge on the Alfredeo Blog.

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-al 🙂


3 thoughts on “Would You Join μ’s? (Love Live!)

      1. It’s your quote of “Why would you add another person if it’s not going to have the same impact and feeling the group originally had?”

        That triggered some fond memories from my World of Warcraft experience. The reason why I don’t ever do arenas matches seriously now is because my two other partners have left the game.

        And yeah, I definitely wouldn’t be joining μ’s with that also being the biggest reason~

        Liked by 1 person

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