Inferno Cop (Review) – Wackiest Show I’ve Ever Seen

Well, here we go with this anime.

Today’s review is on Inferno Cop (2013), an action police “original net animation” (ONA) created by Studio Trigger (Little Witch AcademiaKill la Kill).


Story goes that the town of Jack Knife Edge Town is riddled with crime and evil-doers and it’s the town’s pretty much only policeman, Inferno Cop, job to stop all the gangsters and criminals from doing evil, but to also get rid of the evil organization that killed his family, the Southern Cross.

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While Inferno Cop’s objective in is play, he gets sucked into different, wacky events and obstacles that lead up to his redemption.

Oh yeah, by the way, each episode is three minutes long, which is definitely not enough time to develop a decent story.

If you don’t like fast and nonsensical humor, you are not going to enjoy this show. This show runs on really wacky and goofy jokes and gags such as deflecting bullets and when characters die, they explode. Don’t ask me why.

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A lot of characters were shown in the anime, but only a few were important to the story. While that was a little disappointing since I would’ve wanted to see more of the side characters have a little more backstory or descriptions about them to fully understand who they are, it’s only three minutes an episode so I can’t really complain.

Other than that, some of the characters were sometimes funny and made me laugh because of the way they acted.

Image result for inferno cop characters


DO NOT EXPECT AMAZING ART OR ANIMATION BEFORE WATCHING THIS. I’m going to speak realistically, it’s absolutely horrible. While the art looked bearable, the animation is dreadful and what makes this show different from others. If I was going to describe the animation, it basically looks like paper cut-outs of characters glued onto a popsicle stick, and was presented like a puppet show. There are no facial expressions, no body part movement, nothing. It’s very bare bones.

Other than the presentation of the characters, for the effects, they just use stock footage. For most of the objects and surroundings, just ordinary stock pictures that was taken from Google Images.

Image result for inferno cop pyramid


I’m going include the voice acting in this part even though I only talk about music here. The voice acting is alright, but with some characters, it’s like they aren’t even trying anymore. For example, the female characters are voiced by men with really bad impersonations of women. What I mean by that is high-pitched, stereotypical impressions of women.

I can’t even really talk about the background music cause I didn’t pay attention at all. All I heard was electric guitar riffs and solos, so that’s pretty all I’ll say.


If you have a little over forty minutes to spare and want to see some stupid humor and explosions, this show might be the perfect pick for you. But, if you actually want to see a decent anime in general, stay away.

The reviews of this anime are very satirical and they basically joke around that this show is the most amazing show ever (at least on MyAnimeList). But, I decided not to take that route since I didn’t really like it that much. However, I’ll say that the low quality aspect of pretty much everything in the show is what makes it unique and different from other action anime.

MyAnimeList Page


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