Emi Nitta – ROCKET HEART (Music Review)

Alright so, today and possibly the next few days will be different.

I dove deep into the fantastic story of Katawa Shoujo, the visual novel I discussed about yesterday, and my motivation to do a full review or anything like that has gone down because of it. So, I’ve decided to take it easy for a few days because 1) I want to fully experience and complete KS and 2) relax before next month’s 30 Day Challenge because that will possibly burn me out. There might be a day this week where I’ll actually do a review, and I’ll definitely try to motivate myself to do so, but don’t expect a lot out of me this week.

So, today will be a fairly fun post.

I got inspired to do this kind of post by one of my fellow anime bloggers, Shokamoka, I’ve mentioned them a lot on the blog and I will have to thank them for inspiring me to write about various topics. They have a whole segment about reviewing songs from or related to anime, so check out one of their posts here!!!! Give them a follow while you’re at it.

After the last 30 Day Challenge, you thought we would distance ourselves from Love Live!, eh?

Image result for nichijou hakase laugh gif

Once you jump into Idol Hell, you can’t escape, buddy.

…okay, while today’s song isn’t directly related to Love Live!, if you didn’t know, all of the seiyuu in that series are mainly musical artists. There are some that also focus on voice acting such as Sora Tokui (Nico) and Mimori Suzuko (Umi), but overall, pretty much all of them take their musical careers seriously.

So today, I will be talking about one of the seiyuu from that show, and a great song that she recently created.

“ROCKET HEART” by Emi Nitta, released on April 19th, 2017.

If you watched Love Live!, you would know that this is the voice of Honoka Kousaka, the leader of the idol group, μ’s.

Image result for honoka kousaka

I love Emitsun. She’s great at voice acting, she’s funny when doing the LL seiyuu segments, and now that I hear it, she has a nice voice when singing.

So anyways, this song was actually the first song I heard that was not Love Live! related and from her solo career. And I reallllllly like it.

Her singing, I felt was a little bit different than how she sings as Honoka. Honestly, I prefer her natural voice over when she sings as Honoka. And the music accompanying the way she sings was amazing. It has a very fun, happy and upbeat tone to it, which sounds good.

Unfortunately, I can’t find translated lyrics to this song, so I have no clue what the song means. I wish I could understand and see the meaning behind it but, I assume it’s about love and happiness due to the title and the tone of the song.

So, yeah. I hope you enjoyed this short post. I actually haven’t listened to the solo songs of all the seiyuu members of μ’s, but I assume they create great songs.

I’ll try my best to crank out a review and a Seiyuu Spotlight post later this week.

Thanks for reading! 😀



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