Why Pure Romance Is Good (Tsuki ga Kirei Review)

What a nice ending to a nice show.

Today was the release of episode 12, or the final episode of Tsuki ga Kirei (transl: As the Moon, So Beautiful) and in honor of this show finishing, I decided to do my full review now. I avoided doing an individual review for this episode because I believe there are other bloggers that can cover individual episodes better than me, so I suggest you should search around the WordPress anime community and definitely check their great thoughts on this week’s episode.


Tsuki ga Kirei (2017) is a romance drama created by the studios of feel. about two timid, young middle school students, Kotarou Azumi, an avid reader and aspiring author; and Akane Mizuno, a member of the track and field club.

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Throughout the show, these two individuals slowly create a romantic relationship with each other while also becoming aware of changes in themselves, as well as discovering and trying to overcome the struggles of being in a love relationship since they are so young.

I honestly don’t like how I wrote the summary of the story, but I think it covers the basic storyline. You could always search up another synopsis if mine was a little bit vague. (Sorry if it was!)

The story of this show was definitely really nice to see and made me feel many emotions throughout because of the different happenings between Kotarou, Akane and other characters involved. If you kept up with some of my episode reviews on this show, you would know that I get really excited, for example, whenever something great happens between the two main characters such as them about to kiss for the first time. Also, the funny scenes at the end were pretty amusing.

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So let me back up why I think pure romance is good.

Well in my opinion, a lot of the romance anime we see today can be pretty much categorized in only a few things. For example, we have silly romance comedies such as Toradora! and The World God Only Knows; and on another hand, romance dramas such as Clannad and Your Lie in April.

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Those kinds of shows, while they definitely deal with real romance and convey a nice love story, Tsuki ga Kirei does not have any “toppings”, per se. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t mainly focus on being funny, or being extremely dramatic (keyword: extremely), it’s just pure, realistic romance.

Sorry, let me elaborate even more. So, let’s use Clannad, a popular romance drama. That show, while it focused on romance and developing a love relationship between the main characters, it had all this other stuff to help develop the story more like the Illusionary World with the little girl and the garbage doll.

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Tsuki ga Kirei on the other hand, there was no alternate world we had to understand and connect to the main storyline, and there was no slapstick humor we laughed at. Nothing. Just pure, innocent romance.

Why I think that pure romance is good, is because I believe it’s a nice refresher from all those other romcoms and romdrams, and pretty much other anime in general. Don’t get me wrong, I love the dramatic and comedic love stories, but having a calm atmosphere in the setting and from the characters’ behaviors and the more realistic nature, it feels like we can actually relate to this story.

I am a pretty young teenager currently in high school and I haven’t experienced a romantic relationship yet. But if I did start dating right now, I would think I would be in the same shoes as Kotarou and Akane, being extremely nervous and shy at first, but starting to build up the courage to maintain loving someone you truly enjoy being with. Learning from what I assume is a more realistic story of romance from Tsuki ga Kirei, I think my thinking of young love has changed.

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Kotarou and Akane were the stars of the show, no question. I enjoyed every moment they had together whether it be a happy one or a sad one and the development in their love relationship and even they themselves, was really nice to experience. Even from the first episode, I kept rooting for them to have an amazing relationship together.

Additionally, some of the side characters also had a pretty major role in this story, specifically Chinatsu NishioTakumi Hira and even Kotarou’s Mother. Because this being a romance story, there had to be some sort of conflict/obstacle between the main characters, and these individuals were definitely that. Especially Chinatsu and Hira, while in my mind I wanted them to go away from what Kotarou and Akane have together, they actually made the story even better in different ways.

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Art + Animation

It wasn’t the best, but not bad either.

Honestly, the characters and scenery look decent, but it’s really minor to me. However, it’s the particular scenes with noticeably bad animations that kind of threw me off. For example, when Kotarou was practicing his traditional dance routines, it definitely did not look smooth. As I said, it’s a very minor detail to me, personally, but some may despise it.

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I’ll start off with the voice acting: I really like how the voice actor and actress of Kotarou and Akane portrayed their respective characters. They did great making the timidness and also the pure nature of those two come to life in this anime.

Going on to the music, I enjoyed it. The background music, while I didn’t pay attention that much, definitely reflects the calmness of this anime. To add on, some episodes had different songs towards the end with great music and an amazing voice included such as this one:

Meanwhile, the opening and ending themes were great to hear. “Imakoko”, the opening, and “Tsuki ga Kirei”, both by Nao Touyama (Kanon Nakagawa from The World God Only Knows) also contributed to the relaxing aspect of this show.

(the singer from the video above isn’t Nao Touyama because the songs keep getting taken down for copyright, but it’s pretty similar and still beautiful)


I would suggest this show if you want a breather from the other romance anime that mainly focuses on comedy and more drama and it’s one of those shows that we don’t really get that often so this was a nice anime to experience. I loved every second of this show, Kotarou and Akane’s relationship, the music, everything and I really do believe that this is one of the better shows of the Spring 2017 anime season. It’s bittersweet to know that this is it for this series, but I’m glad it made me love it.

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34822/Tsuki_ga_Kirei

What’s your thoughts on Tsuki ga Kirei? Leave it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!!! šŸ˜€



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