Hinako Note (Review) – It Had Potential

Hi there, how’s your day so far? I hope it’s been great.

Here’s another review of one of the anime I kept up with in the Spring 2017 anime season, which I didn’t watch a lot, to be honest. 😛 The summer season is basically already here so I decided to just get these out of the way now.

Hinako Note (2017) is a slice-of-life comedy created by the studio of Passione, who also created shows like Rokka no Yuusha and Rail Wars!.


Hinako Sakuragi, a girl who lived in the countryside and is very timid, decides to move to the big city of Tokyo to improve her speaking skills and be able to make friends. In order to do so, she joins the drama club at her high school. When she gets to her boarding home, she meets some quirky roommates that she’ll live with for a while.

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The story is extremely basic, but what do you except from a pure slice-of-life. Honestly, the story was decent, with the moving to a new city and getting used to new things while adding the acting in plays aspect of it, but I definitely still had problems with this show.

First off, it’s barely funny, at least to me. After experiencing a plethora of slice-of-life shows like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon MaidAzumanga DaiohK-On! and the purest of the pure, Non Non Biyori, this was not on the same level of comedy as those. And it was obvious that they tried to be funny, with the chibi scenes and the characters being clumsy, but it was lacking something. It could definitely be something personal since I enjoy pretty dumb humor and I could’ve wanted it to be even more silly; or it could be that they were trying to hard and left something out, but I just barely even chuckled at this show. It’s a shame it wasn’t funny because I was expecting this to be like other silly slice-of-life anime.

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Lastly, I thought it was pretty slow, objectively. I feel like they took too long and showed too many other things instead of showing them prepare for plays, practicing and such. I know it’s suppose to be fun and you don’t have to take the story seriously, but once there’s an objective that’s supposed to be fulfilled, I expect some, at least interesting story to back up and hype up the ending/completion of said goal. But, my complaining could just be me, other people might love the slow pace, that’s their opinion and I’ll respect it. 🙂


The characters in Hinako Note were pretty unique and funny in their own ways. Just to give you examples: on one hand, we have Chiaki Ogino, the landlady of the housing Hinako lives at and is very quiet. However, since she is really into playing and acting, she can change completely when on stage and in the center of attention.

Image result for hinako note chiaki

While on the other hand, we have Kuina Natsukawa, an absent-minded and quick-to-conclusions kind of lady who… also eats books. Yes, books.

Image result for hinako note kuina

I definitely think there is a good variety of personalities in all these characters, which I enjoyed watching them individually and even together as a group, having a ton of fun.

Art + Animation

To be honest, pretty good for a slice-of-life. It can look like low budget art at first, but I think they improve it throughout the show from the characters, to the scenery and backgrounds. The animations such as the dancing scenes and the scenes where they act, it wasn’t that bad. It looked good.

Image result for hinako note chibi


Other than that, the chibi scenes were shown a lot and it definitely looked cute, so I have no other thoughts than that lol

Image result for hinako note chibi


When it comes to voice acting, I’m not really sure how to judge it, possibly because I haven’t experienced bad voice acting in anime. But, I guess I would say that the seiyuu definitely did a good job portraying their characters, being cute and all. The majority of the voices were high-pitched and as I keep saying, cute, so I don’t have any problems with that.

Music was pretty good. I vaguely remember the background music but it was very relaxing and subtle.

But, I think it was the opening and ending themes that took the show, music wise. Both were performed by the main cast of characters and it’s just really cutesy and upbeat. Take a listen to the ending:


This show would’ve been a nice slice-of-life comedy to experience only if it had better humor, that’s my only complaint. Hinako Note‘s humor is mainly based around clumsiness, short height jokes, characters coming up with completely random ideas and a little bit of perverted camera shots (or I guess that’s called “fan service”). While it’s a little funny at first, they just don’t amuse me anymore after like five episodes and I got really bored.

This show definitely fits into the CGDCT (cute girls doing cute things) genre of anime and if you like those kinds of shows, this might be another one you want to plan to watch. It has a happy tone, it’s colorful, it’s cute. It’s just that the lack of comedy and interesting story overthrew everything else for me, personally. I believe there are better slice-of-life anime out there, and if you want an idea on what show to watch, you should check out this thorough list made by Digibro, categorizing the CGDCT anime into different types of lifestyles, here.

I might be taking a simple slice-of-life too seriously, but that’s pretty much how I felt about this show.

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/33948/Hinako_Note

Thanks for reading!!! 😀



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