Top 8 Favorite Katawa Shoujo Songs

I haven’t played this visual novel in like two days and I kind of regret doing that lol. I’ve completed Rin and Emi’s route (which were both great) but I have yet to experience the rest. Hopefully I’ll finish the game this week to give my thoughts on all of the routes.

If you read my last post about what I learned after experiencing a visual novel for the first time, one of my observations were appreciating the background music and now paying more attention to the soundtrack of anime, and other media in general.

Katawa Shoujo‘s soundtrack has to be one of my favorite ones, period. I really enjoy the relaxing and calm music that goes with this visual novel, while including some other unique styles of tracks. The different songs were implemented at the right times, helping with the different tones and atmospheres of the scenes, and that’s another reason why I really like the music in this VN.

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Since the music loops and loops while reading the story, the music tends to get stuck in your head, and that definitely happened to me. I kept humming the songs that were heard often and the ones that really sounded good to me. Also, since there was no voice acting or anything to muffle out the music, the music was burned into my mind lol

Oh wow, I did not realize how many good songs are in this visual novel, so this might be tough.

8. “Wiosna” by NicolArmarfi (Theme Song)

Once you start the game up, you just get hit in the face with this calm sounding song that can maybe give you chills, it’s that good. The musical sequence is actually really good, first the nice piano solo, then we hear an added slow paced guitar part.

7. “To Become One” by NicolArmarfi

This song just sounds so beautiful. With the piano and especially the main part, the violin, OH MAN. It’s not sad sounding, but not very outgoing either. It’s another one of the more calmer songs in this visual novel.

Even though I heard it while “experimenting” in a gym storage room…

6. “Parity” by NicolArmarfi (Rin’s Theme)

Rin’s story was the first route I experienced and I loved it. Something about Rin’s careless mentality and smart-ass personality made me chuckle and she became one of my favorite girls out of the six.

This song is way different from the ones that I talked about before, and it’s more upbeat and silly, in a way. I kind of find it confusing on why this is the type of song for Rin, which Rin herself, can be confusing as well due to her personality and the way she responds to questions and such.

5. “Daylight” by NicolArmarfi

Very nice song. I feel like it would go well with a scene of a classroom that has the sunset beaming into it. Very random thought, I know.

4. “The Student Council” by NicolArmarfi (Shizune’s Theme)

I’ve only started Act 1 of Shizune’s route but is it me or does Misha seem like a better person to have a relationship with… who knows, I might change my mind after this route.

It’s very calming and I love it. That’s pretty much it.

3. “Everyday Fantasy” by Blue123

This is one of the songs you hear often in the visual novel. It has a fun tone to it and I think it reflects everyday life, like in the title.

2. “Raindrops and Puddles” by NicolArmarfi

Oh my goodness, I love this song. This was only shown when the scenes had rain weather included and it’s the calmest song in this soundtrack. The flute (i think) solo freakin kills me.

I should try to learn this on the guitar…

1. “Red Velvet” by NicolArmarfi

Soft/Smooth Jazz is fucking amazing, excuse my language. I love Soft Jazz, it’s so relaxing and it’s great to put on in the background in whatever occasion.

This song, oh man. This was the first song I ever heard from this game. That was way before I started playing Katawa Shoujo, and I think this song actually persuaded me into playing this visual novel. It’s such a nice song to listen to and the instruments going together is beautiful. Even if you haven’t or don’t want to play this VN, you should just take a listen anyways.

So, yeah. Katawa Shoujo, even though this visual novel wasn’t made by a professional game studio, they did a damn good job at a lot of what they made, especially the music. If listening to these tracks made you want to play this game, I am so glad I could help.

Katawa Shoujo Website

Thanks for reading!!! 😀



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