Aho Girl Ep 1 Thoughts – Goofy Show of the Season?

Aaaaand welcome to the start of the Summer 2017 season on the Alfredeo Blog! This is the first “first episode” review of the new anime season and I was going to do another one today on Tsurezure Children, but I am way too tired after the Fourth of July celebration I had with my family.

Oh, yeah. Happy Independence Day, America.

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Today’s anime I’ll be reviewing the first episode for is Aho Girl (2017), a romance comedy adapted from a manga and animated by the studio of Diomedea, who also created shows like Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?.

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So far, the story is about a girl named Yoshiko Hanabatake, a girl who is so dumb that she got all zeros on multiple choice tests, and her long time friend Akuru Akutsu, or his nickname, A-kun.

Basically, this anime is about the random and silly shenanigans that Yoshiko does, while A-kun gets really irritated and wonders why he is still friends with this person.

For the first episode, it was pretty funny, I’m not going to lie. I enjoy really fast-paced dumb humor such as Teekyuu and this is almost on the same level as that anime.

A lot of the jokes ranged from the random things Yoshiko does to ecchi scenes. For example, on one hand, Yoshiko loves bananas and even says before she dies, she would want to eat her last banana.

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While later on in the episode, there were more perverted jokes such as Yoshiko, in class, insisting A-kun to let him look at her panties just because they are that close of friends and Yoshiko pasting her face onto adult magazines and leaving it in front of A-kun’s apartment door to surprise him, because she knows that he hit puberty already.

I like the characters. We already have the energetic and dumb Yoshiko and the careless A-kun. But, some side characters come in later on such as Sayaka Sumino, a beautiful and kind classmate of theirs, and tends to be nice all the time; and the student council president Fuuki Iinchou, a strict leader but can change personalities when she falls in love with someone.

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Sayaka Sumino

For the art and animation, I really like it! It’s a little bit different from what I’m use to, but especially the character design, it looks great.

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The only music I paid attention to was the opening. It’s way different from most romance comedies but it is not bad at all, I like it. I can’t put my finger on what genre and instruments they are using, but it mends together well. The different paces of singing are nice to hear, as well.

Uh, I think that’s all I can say for this show. I like it, it’s funny (at least to me) and it’s enjoyable. If you enjoy romcoms with extremely dumb and random humor and you want to get a laugh today, check this anime out.

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34881/Aho_Girl

Thanks for reading and later on tonight, I’ll put out my review for Tsurezure Children! 😀



4 thoughts on “Aho Girl Ep 1 Thoughts – Goofy Show of the Season?

  1. I was on the fence about this one because I haven’t been a fan of Diomedea in all my years of being a fan of anime. Yet the way you described the comedy sounds like it might be worth checking this out to see if I can have my funny bone tickled a bit this season. And that opening is so simplistic but so effective at getting across the point of the show. It seems like it could be a blast!

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    1. The extremely dumb and fast paced humor might not be many people’s cup of tea, but I personally enjoy it and it genuinely makes me laugh. It might be because of being used to this kind of anime or something but I definitely find stuff like this funny. Also, I agree with you on the opening!

      Hope you enjoy Aho Girl!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve been busy with work these past few days, so I haven’t gotten around to this show yet. But after reading your thoughts I am even more excited to watch the first episode! Plus with the 15-minute run time you can’t go wrong, right? Great post 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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