Koi to Uso Ep 1 Thoughts – Breaking the Laws of Love

I really want to watch New Game!!, but I refuse to watch the bad subtitles lol

Welcome again to Currently Watching: Summer 2017 edition, a segment on this blog where I talk about shows that are currently airing for the Summer 2017 anime season and give you my, hopefully, interesting thoughts on them!

And we have yet another romance to talk about today, so let’s begin!

Today’s show I’ll be giving my first impressions for is Koi to Uso (2017), a romance drama adapted from a manga by Musawo Tsumugi, and animated by LIDENFILMS (Akashic Records of Bastard Magic InstructorPoco’s Udon WorldBerserk).

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“I’ll fall in love! I’ll never marry someone the government picked for me!”

That quote basically sums up what this show is about.

But, let me elaborate anyways. In an alternate universe of Japan, love and being in a relationship with someone is handled way differently. Once people turn sixteen years of age, the government assigns them a love partner to marry and spend the rest of their lives together. Why? Because Japan believes that people don’t need to go through the struggle of finding the perfect one, people will be happy this way and also to maintain the birth rate of the country or something like that.

So because of Japan’s love policy, interacting with people other than your assigned partner is strictly forbidden. And this is where we are introduced to our main character, Yukari Nejima (VA: Ryouta Osaka), a shy and below average kind of high school student. The significance of him is that he is about to turn sixteen and receive his love partner. However, he instead falls in love with a beautiful girl, Misaki Takasaki (VA: Kana Hanazawa) and wants to break the strict love system incorporated in his country.

Image result for koi to uso anime yukari misaki
Misaki and Yukari

That’s pretty much the premise of this anime so far, a guy who doesn’t want to force himself into dating a random person, but to genuinely fall in love with a person he actually has feelings for.

There’s another girl, Lilina Sanada (VA: Yui Makino), his assigned love partner, that was briefly introduced at like the last minute of this episode, so it’ll be interesting to watch.

Image result for koi to uso anime

My thoughts: not bad at all. I’ve seen this concept before, even cultures in our world do this kind of thing (it’s called “arranged marriages”), but in an anime format, I think this will be a nice show to watch. This show is definitely on the more mature side of romance, after watching a pretty intimate make-out scene and kind of spoiling myself by looking at pictures of the manga, so this is going to be different from a fun romance comedy, per se.

Characters are nice, I already like the relationship of Yukari and Misaki, and with Lilina coming in the next episodes, this “love triangle” will get interesting. There are other characters that will probably be important later on such as Yuusuke Nisaka, Yukari’s close friend.

Image result for koi to uso anime
Lilina Sanada and Misaki Takasaki

The art is on the more unique side. It definitely look different, especially the character design, to the point of people absolutely hating on the size of their eyes. But, to me, it’s fine, I like it, it’s doesn’t bother me as much as a person on MyAnimeList saying, “By looking at the cover art I could see this would be worse than the decision of my dad not pulling out.”

I love the opening. It sounds really nice to hear, and works well with the atmosphere of this show.

In conclusion, I’m seeing a lot of people bash this show for the unrealistic plot and the horrible character design, but if you ask me, it’s enjoyable. It’s a nice refresher from all the cutesy and fun romance anime I’ve been seeing, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a mature romance, so this’ll be a nice experience for me. Also, I’m already seeing a lot of people already siding with the girl that the main character will end up at the end of the show, so that’s happening lol

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/anime/34934/Koi_to_Uso

Thanks for reading!!! 😀

Come back tomorrow to see my first impressions on Ballroom e Youkoso.



2 thoughts on “Koi to Uso Ep 1 Thoughts – Breaking the Laws of Love

    1. You know, if we’re talking realistically, it doesn’t sound bad but it does still have some flaws. Like how the show describes it, you wouldn’t have to go through the worries of finding the perfect partner or finding someone at all. However, there is the possibility of being paired up with someone you don’t see having a nice time with for the rest of your life or even you falling in love with someone else than your assigned partner, like Yukari is experiencing so far. Plus, it kind of ruins the process of being in a love relationship, since you had no time to genuinely fall in love with your assigned partner, you were just forcefully thrown into marrying some random person.

      But, I personally haven’t been in a romantic relationship yet and I’m only referencing romance media so just take my thoughts with a grain of salt lol

      Sorry for the long reply, but thanks for reading! 😀

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