Discovering the Surprisingly Good Genderbend Love Live Songs

Whenever I want to listen to a particular song, whether it be from anime or something else, there has been a good chance that the actual track is nowhere to be found on YouTube. This is obviously because of companies or individuals not wanting people use their original content without their permission because they are protected by copyright, which means the original owner(s) may do whatever they want with their own work. It may be annoying to most, but it’s understandable and pretty much necessary.

However, people on the internet have gone around this obstacle… sort of. Basically what most people do with a song that is copyrighted is that they will change the pitch (and even the speed) of the song in order to technically have the actual song uploaded, but it’s not the same as the original, obviously.

Here’s an example, the opening of the second season of Amagami SS. This song is hard to find the full version on YouTube, so this “Nightcore” version was pretty much the only way I could hear it until I found a downloadable MP3:

This doesn’t only apply to music either. On YouTube, you may see TV show episodes or actual movies uploaded, but HEAVILY cropped to the point of you just wanting to stop watching it cause it’s not worth seeing the whole film of Frozen 100x zoomed in.

So while I was searching up different Love Live! songs on YouTube, I noticed that some of my favorite ones, the actual recordings, aren’t there. I’m just left with the songs with changed pitch or speed and fan covers. But, you may find that those versions aren’t bad at all.

Yesterday, I looked up “Hello, Hoshi wo Kazoete”, my favorite song from the Love Live! movie and one of my favorites overall. Not even one video of the actual song showed up. But what caught my eye was the male version of this song, which is just the song’s pitch being changed to sound like a guy is singing. I said, “what the hell” and started listening to it. And holy hell, that is another world you can get sucked into.

IT IS GENUINELY GOOD, I am not going to lie. It works out and while it’s not the same thing as how the actual ladies sing this song, I’m kind of impressed how people edit the song to make it sound like, pretty much, a guy singing a Love Live song.

Here’s another one of my favorite genderbent LL songs, “soldier game”, a song originally sung by Maki Nishikino, Umi Sonoda and Eli Ayase.

GOD DAMN THEIR VOICES ARE SEXY AS HELL haha. I’m telling you, it works! It works well and it’s surprising how well it works and has a different, yet still great feeling. You can still hear a little bit of the female voice in the remixes, but the quite impressive edits people do may trick people into thinking those are actual guys singing it.

I’ve been used to females being idols, singing and dancing, in anime but after listening to these genderbend versions of songs from a female idol group, I seriously wouldn’t mind a male idol group anime to come along. In fact, there is one coming soon, based on the IDOLM@STER series and while it’s different than what I’m used to, I’ll definitely try it out just to see the uniqueness and difference it has from the female side of idols.

Image result for idolmaster side m anime

And I know that there are male pop groups, it’s not like it’s a new thing to me. But after experiencing an idol group such as the one in Love Live!, my expectations now changed for male groups. One Direction, the dying English boy band, is nothing like what is in Love Live! and while I shouldn’t be comparing those two because they are nothing alike, as I said, Love Live made me now believe a standard in idol groups which is that they are supposed to be cutesy and flashy. The boy bands/male singing groups we see here in America do not have those kinds of elements, however, it looks like the Japanese got that down with the upcoming IDOLM@STER: Side M.

So anyways, enough of me rambling. Here are some of my favorite genderbent versions of Love Live! songs:

And I can’t leave out the most popular Love Live! song ever:

Lastly, people create some nice genderbend fan art of µ’s:

Afterschool Navigators Genderbend by TaiKatsu05

Image result for love live genderbend

I could seriously go on and on with all the good male versions of my favorite Love Live! songs but I didn’t want this post to be lengthy. If you are interested in finding a particular song that you want to hear the male version of, this channel is most likely to have it: LoveLive! GenderBender

Alright that’s all from me today lol

Thanks for reading!!! 😀




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