If you want to keep up with me outside the blog…

So, there are a couple reasons why there is no anime related post today:

  1. I’ve been a little busy for the past three days with personal matters and today, I’m just out of energy. I didn’t really have time today to watch any new things, but tomorrow I’ll be back on track with a post about New Game!! so that’ll be fun.
  2. I’d like to think that I created a nice little fan base here on the blog, so I wanted to share some of the social media I’m on and provide a slice of my daily happenings outside of this WordPress blog. Also, I don’t think I really show any of my social media anywhere on my website, or at least, it’s hard to find. Plus, I’m a millennial, so I have to be on top of this shit lol


Alright, let’s take this one out first.

If you read my post on when I was nominated for a blogger award, I told you guys that I have been creating gaming videos on YouTube for a while now. Recently, I haven’t touched my channel in a while due to laziness and just focusing now on blogging here on WordPress.

Image result for anime typing
“This Love Live post will be amazing~de geso!”

However, if you were wondering what I was doing before reviewing anime and gushing about Love Live!, you can certainly check out my YouTube channel. I have a variety of videos about video games, ranging from first person shooters, visual novels, retro games and much more. I’d like to think I put a decent amount of work into them and if you decide to visit it, I hope you enjoy some of them.

Here’s one video that I think you’ll have fun with:

YouTube Channelhttp://youtube.com/fredmarkb


My twitter is a little bit weird. I use it for spreading around my blog posts most of the time, but I also sometimes tweet out random stuff whenever I feel like it.

For example, in the pile of automatic tweets about my blog posts, I liked to briefly talk about my adventures so far in the visual novel, Katawa Shoujo, and how I mourned for one of the characters’s amazing hairstyle being gone:


If you’re into sports, I definitely like to talk or mention about whatever is going on around the different leagues such as appreciating the first Korean-born player in my favorite baseball team’s history finally getting his time to shine in the big stage:


You can also expect the randomest shit from me at anytime:


Lastly, I’ll probably be using Twitter as an “alert system” of some sorts to update my followers on if there won’t be a blog post that day and such.

If you want really random, nonsensical 150-character length things from me, definitely follow me on Twitter lol

Twitter Pagehttps://twitter.com/bigalthepal


Honestly, I don’t know if Instagram is a popular social media around here, I mean I barely see anyone have it as a social media option on people’s blogs, but I decided to include mine.

My personal one is mainly for just non-anime related photos such as things I find interesting in my life:


So, if you want to follow my personal one, it’s @alfredopasta_.

However, I decided to create a separate one for people from my blog or people who like anime on Instagram, just to post random anime related shit and just to show you guys my daily life happenings a lot more than my personal account.

I’m dead ass serious, I made my username “sliceofalfredeo”. You know like, “slice of life” anime, alright I’ll stop lol

I’ll be posting a lot more frequently on that Instagram account from my personal one and pretty much every other social media account I have since I find it a lot easier to manage than a Twitter account. Plus, photos and videos are fun.

Again, what you can expect are random photos that will be probably be about anime, but I’ll also being using the “Story” feature on Instagram to film little snippets of what’s going on in my life or if I want to talk about something. It’ll be fun, so I hope you look forward to it!

(You will need to have an account and the Instagram app on your mobile device to see the Story feature, btw)

Instagram Profilehttps://www.instagram.com/sliceofalfredeo/


Image result for myanimelist

Next, we have MyAnimeList, one of the largest anime databases on the internet.

If you’re curious on what I’ve watched, am currently watching, what I dropped and plan to watch, you can check out my pretty short list of anime I have. Also, if you want to read the only review I posted on that site, which is about Amagami SS, it’s there as well!

My profile is pretty boring but if you want to be friends with me on MAL, send me a friend request if you want!

MyAnimeList Listhttps://myanimelist.net/animelist/alfredopasta


Image result for steam

Lastly, I’ll talk about Steam, a gaming based platform and community. This is really the only place I go to if I want to play some sort of video game, so if you have a Steam account, you should add me and maybe we can play something in the future! I will be absolutely be down for that.

Steam Community Profilehttps://steamcommunity.com/id/althepal

Alright, that’s all and I hope this was helpful into finding me elsewhere but the blog.

I’ll be starting to post on that Instagram account in a few days, so stay tuned!

Lastly, I’ll be back on track like I said, tomorrow with a review of episode 1 of New Game!!.



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