Gamers! Ep 1 Thoughts – So Many References

Welcome back to Currently Watching: Summer 2017 Edition, where I have been talking about my first impressions on different shows that are currently airing. It’s been fun so far and I’m liking the lineup of shows I’ve seen.

This is another show that is gaming based, and we don’t really see those that much.

Today’s show is Gamers! (2017), a romance comedy created by the studio of Pine Jam (Getsuyoubi no TawawaMahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara) and adapted from a light novel written by Sekina Aoi.

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We are introduced to one of the main characters, Keita Amano, a otaku loner who enjoys playing video games all the time. He ends up meeting a beautiful girl, Karen Tendou and finds out that she is an avid gamer herself, behind the good looks and massive popularity.

Image result for gamers anime
Keita Amano
Image result for gamers anime
Karen Tendou and Keita Amano

Karen then tells Keita that she has been planning and has successfully revived the gamer club at their high school for a while now, and is recruiting more members to join. Keita hesitates at first, but decided to at least check it out (i mean, wouldn’t you if you were invited by a cute girl?).

We then meet more characters and see what kind of games they like to play once we actually get to see the club. Eichi Misumi, another recruit who enjoys puzzle type games; Gakuto Kase, a pro at first-person-shooters (FPS); and Nina Oiso, a master at fighting games.

The premise of the club is that they participate in different gaming competitions and, you know, win them. Doesn’t sound bad, to be honest.

We also were introduced to other individuals, separate from who is in the game club, Aguri and Tasuku Uehara, a couple who also are into games, but I assume they’ll be relevant later on.

Image result for gamers anime
Aguri and Tasuku

So, this anime is a fun comedy show that revolves around playing different kinds of games while a little romance is involved.

Thoughts: I liked the first episode. Story is something I’ve seen before, someone who has a fairly boring life, suddenly gets sucked into finally doing something, in this case, joining a school club. But, for the first episode, they expressed the storyline pretty well. While the romance aspect was barely shown, I believe they’ll incorporate it more later on.

The characters, I really like them and their different personalities, even though they might be a bunch of cliches. Uehara, a guy who thinks he’s living the life since he can successfully do different things and he has a cute girlfriend while we have Keita, who is more of a loner and isn’t good at many things.

Image result for gamers anime
Uehara thinks he’s hot shit but like the asterisk says…

Speaking of Keita, I really thought he was girl at first since his voice actor is female (Megumi Han) and I guess that was the closest thing to a voice of a “loser loner” would be. 😛

Image result for gamers anime

Okay, I want to talk about references, because holy crap, they referenced a lot and it was pretty amusing, as a person who keeps up with the gaming culture. They did a pretty good job in recreating different games that the characters play such as Gakuto playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (a very popular PC first person shooter) while expressing PC gaming in a realistic way with the multiple monitors and even using a specific headset that people in the real world use; Nina playing Guilty Gear (popular and competitve fighting game) with her fight stick that many competitive fighting players use as well; and they even referenced social media mobile games like a popular Final Fantasy mobile game that many play.

It’s actually really cool to see modern gaming being expressed in a, surprisingly, realistic way. I’m looking forward to more video game genres and games to be referenced such as RPGs like World of Warcraft and more mainstream mobile games like Clash of Clans or something along those lines.

(GIF) This is supposed to be a Call of Duty game and expressing how some players don’t actually play the game and just jump around.

The art and animation, I think, is actually really well done and fits well with the romcom atmosphere. Not much else to say.

The voice acting, overall it’s good, but as I said, I got thrown off by Keita’s voice and was confused if he was a guy or girl. The only music I listened to was the opening, which is not bad at all!

In conclusion, it’s fun and interesting so far but I feel like you would actually need to know a lot about gaming culture to fully experience and enjoy this show. Sure, you can be there for the nice artwork, the characters and romance aspect, but they focus quite a bit on gaming references to a point that you might not enjoy it because of you not knowing what the hell they’re talking about.

But please, do not let me stop you from watching this show. I’m just giving my two cents. 🙂

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Thanks for reading!! 😀



3 thoughts on “Gamers! Ep 1 Thoughts – So Many References

  1. Now that you mention it, The first episode is tad a bit generic, I would really hope it will change as the show goes on, even if it did, I don’t see this as something I will remember for more than a year.

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