Reviewing the New Love Live! Sunshine!! Duo & Trio Singles

I’ll just say it, I really love this group.

So recently Lantis (the music label of the Love Live! series) released previews of the duet and trio songs on the new Sunshine CD, Love Live!! Sunshine!! Duo & Trio Collection CD Vol. 1 Summer Vacation, releasing on August 2, 2017. I really haven’t been keeping up with the recent singles from the sub-units and such, but after listening to these particular songs, I might want to start keeping tabs on it.

What we’ll see on the tracks today are songs from different duos and a trio of members, just singing a good song. Aside from the sub-units, they haven’t done this kind of format before where they carefully pick out who will go into what group to create a specific single.

It’s basically the same thing as what the original group did, for example, pairing up Honoka Kousaka and Rin Hoshizora to sing a duet, “Mermaid festa vol. 2 ~Passionate~” (which is amazing).

So, we got some interesting and amazing combinations in these four songs, so let’s get right into it!

1. “Natsu e no Tobira Never end ver.” (The Door Towards Summer Never end ver.)

With the great voices of Mari Ohara, Riko Sakurauchi and Hanamaru Kunikida combined, what a song.

It’s one where it’s so upbeat that you feel like dancing to it. I’ll admit I was snapping my fingers and going with the beat a little. The fun tone pairs extremely well with the fun lyrics, so it all works out!

It’s no good to space out the whole time
I want to have so much fun I can feel my heart pound
So (let’s go) so (let’s go)
This year we only have one chance

Let’s start playing! The blueness of the sea we’ve jumped into
Is dreaming of the door to an unending summer, don’t you know?

2. “Manatsu wa Dare no Mono?” (Midsummer Belongs to Whomst?)

Why the hell wouldn’t we get a duet with the Kurosawa sisters?

These two just pair together really well and it’s entertaining to see how Dia acts like a doting and protective sister while Ruby is there being cute. Even the seiyuu of Dia and Ruby are meant to be siblings.

Image result for aiai arisha
Arisha Komiya (Dia) and Ai Furihata (Ruby)

So anyways, the way they sang this song is great. Their voices came together to sound beautiful, and now that I think about it, they have a Kotori/Hanayo vibe to them. I can’t really put my finger on what genre comes to mind when I hear it but all I care is that it sounds good.

3. “Jimoto Ai ♡ Mantan ☆ Summer Life” (Local Love ♡ Filled ☆ Summer Life)

I said before that I don’t care about ships but Youshiko is getting to me now.

Image result for you watanabe yoshiko

It’s a lot different than the previous two songs, this song represents summer and having fun in the sun at the beach in a more obvious way. Not only the lyrics, but the happy tone really shouts out summer fun.

Let’s spend our summer here together
The voice of the waves rolling on the shore gives the feeling of vacation
I want to hear it together, it’s so refreshing, right?
We have to take a break sometimes

Let’s have a chat
While crunching the sand beneath our feet
Our summer life in our very own home town

4. “Natsu no Owari no Amaoto ga” (The Sound of Rain at Summer’s End Is)


You know, if you ask me, I believe that the voices of Kanan and Chika are the best out of all nine. I said before that You and Yoshiko were at the top, but later on, these two really impressed me.

It has the tone of a love song, which I believe it is… I think. Looking at the lyrics, it has some lines about feelings and describes how the person they’re talking to acts and such while it still had the theme of summer, talking about how summer is ending and the September rain starts to trickle in. It actually sounds pretty sad when reading it.

I didn’t know the thoughts that came to me at the beginning of summer
Would disappear by the time
This exciting, passionate season ended

The sky above the coast lights up, and suddenly clouds have drifted in
The rain falls heavily, just like the tears inside me
I really believed a summer this fun
Would continue on forever
but now September rain but now September rain

Either way, it’s a great song.

And that’s all! I really enjoyed every song and I’m glad more and more great songs are being produced by this group.

If I had to pick which one is my favorite… ah, it’s a toss-up of two but I think I would choose “Manatsu wa Dare no Mono?”, the Kurosawa duet. It’s amazing and it’s starting to get into my head now. I’ll put it here again:

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed these singles as much as I did! Can’t wait for second season!!! 😀



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