Day 1 of Katawa Shoujo Week – The Character of Hisao Nakai

This special week of posts was supposed to actually start on Sunday but I completely forgot, and then I was lazy yesterday. My bad, my bad, I’ll try my best to step it up now! 🙂

Hello and welcome to day 1 of Katawa Shoujo Week on the Alfredeo Blog! This is where everyday of this week will be all posts about the visual novel, Katawa Shoujo.

What’s Katawa Shoujo, you may ask?

Katawa Shoujo (transl: Disability Girls) is a visual novel created by Four Leaf Studios about a young man and five ladies, all with various physical disabilities. After our main character, Hisao Nakai, suffered a fatal heart attack and was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia, he transfers to Yamaku High School, a school for the disabled. Even though Hisao thinks he can’t get used to his new life, he finds that he can make friends and have a normal, high school life in this unique place. This visual novel tells us the story of Hisao and him creating a friendly and possibly even romantic relationships with five female characters.

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KS has definitely been an interesting and great story to experience, being someone who has never played a visual novel before and has never really learned about different disabilities people can have. Every thing in this VN is great, the story, characters and even the amazing soundtrack. It’s impressive that a small team of creative people made this great game.

If you’re wondering what this week (and one day) will look like, it will most likely look like this (and of course, it may change):

Tuesday 7/25 – Discussion on Hisao Nakai

Wednesday 7/26 – Rin’s Route

Thursday 7/27 – Emi’s Route

Friday 7/29 – Shizune’s Route

Saturday 7/30 – Lilly’s Route

Sunday 7/31 – Hanako’s Route

Monday 8/1 – Discussing other ending(s), side characters

Tuesday 8/2 – Ending thoughts

So, to introduce you to Katawa Shoujo Week, I want to talk about the main character, Hisao Nakai. Our main protagonist and we see this story in his point of view, Hisao is pretty bland, but he can be interesting.

First off, let’s address his disability. He suffered a fatal heart attack and was diagnosed with arrhythmia, a heart condition where there’s an improper heartbeat, either too fast or too slow. This can possibly lead to blood not being pumped correctly, and could damage or shut down your lungs, brain and other organs. (American Heart Association)

So, after hearing that he’ll be going to a school for the disabled, he was not particularly happy about it. Even when he got there, he believed he couldn’t get along with anybody, couldn’t make any friends and couldn’t fit in.

When we look at Hisao’s personality, we definitely see a nice guy. True gentleman and is willing to help anytime, even if he absolutely doesn’t want to, and that’s one of the aspects of him that I like the most. He doesn’t get mad often, but he can get irritated.


Even though Hisao has a pretty generic personality, it can definitely change in the different routes we experience with each of the girls. It’s great to see something pretty plain, turn into something interesting. Not only once, but six times (if you want to include Misha)! Throughout the routes, we also see that Hisao is actually a very caring person and genuinely worries about other people.


Other than how he acts, let’s talk about the other aspects of him. He’s really into science and actually thinks about having a future career in that area of occupation while thinking about his important future.

Also, this man makes me want to wear a sweater vest. 😛


To finish it up, Hisao is a pretty good protagonist. Even though he can be a little boring and make questionable moves, I really enjoyed seeing his point of view of these different stories involving creating close relationships with people he didn’t even think about meeting. Some even say he can be relatable, and they aren’t entirely wrong.

So, I hope that was a fairly good introduction to Katawa Shoujo and our protagonist. Hopefully it wasn’t too messy and unorganized, if it is, I apologize. If you want more info on Hisao, please check out the Katawa Shoujo Wikia!

Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow for my review on Rin’s route!



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