Shiba Inuko-san (Review) – Good Thing This Show Was Short

You know, I've always wanted a dog. They seem really nice to have, they're cute and funny and having one can get me outside more often. However, the restriction of allergies and the good amount of work you have to do to care for it seems a little bit too much for myself, being someone who is pretty lazy. The only pets I've had were fish, and my lazy ass let them unfortunately die… okay I may have made that sound like I shouldn't be near animals anymore lol

Back on the topic of dogs, today I'll be reviewing a show revolved around a character who, possibly is a canine.

Shiba Inuko-san (2012) is a comedy anime originally a manga written and illustrated by Uzu and adapted by Hotline, and I don't think it's worth mentioning any of their other shows, to be honest.

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It's pretty simple.

A middle school student named Chako Ishibashi has a classmate who sits next to her, Shibainuko-san. What's significant about her is that she is, in fact, a human but she looks like a dog or more specifically, a Shiba Inu.

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It sounds extremely stupid, I know.

However, Chako seems to be the only one who sees Shibainuko-san as a dog and that her classmates see her as a regular middle school student, including her best friend, Naho.

So, throughout this show, we see the daily lives of Chako, Naho and Shibainuko-san, watch them have fun and still wonder why Chako isn't in a mental asylum.

It's a slice-of-life, so discussing the story shouldn't be very long or detailed. It's a bunch of people living life and doing fun activities.

I enjoy dumb, silly humor. It's funny to me and I've grown up liking it. Even though this qualifies as being silly, it didn't make me laugh. Each episode revolved around one joke and the jokes weren't even that funny. I chuckled at some little things, but overall, I did not find most of this show amusing.

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But, you can't bash on it too much since each episode is only one single minute (if you take out the thirty-six second opening), so not much could be shown in a short amount of time.


Chako is a normal middle school student who then becomes curious on if Shibainuko-san is actually a human or a dog. She's the only sane one, alongside her brother, and honestly I can't say much else about Chako.

Naho is the silly best friend of Chako. She, alongside everyone else in this unusual world, sees Shibainuko-san as a normal girl. Naho, in my opinion, was probably the only one who brought the silly comedy in this show.

Finally, we have Shibainuko-san. If we take away her physical appearance, she's fairly timid and she has the traits of a female, for example, her imagining being saved by a prince from a fairy tale and then getting married.

Characters are pretty bland, but they were fairly entertaining.

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Art + Animation

It's cute, it's nice to look at. The character design may look different, but it's pretty regular.

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Voice acting's alright.

With the music, you mean the opening that takes up 1/3 of the whole episode? And if you're binge-watching it, the opening that comes up every two minutes while watching this show? You hear it so often, it might just be burned into your mind and you'll be singing it around the house now.


If you have like half an hour to spare and you are THAT curious about this show, I'm not stopping you from watching this shit.

This show is a little amusing, but it lacks good comedy, need I remind you, what this show's genre is. All I will say is that it's an average show if you like cute slice-of-life anime and I am glad that it's so short or else I would've dropped this immediately… actually, I wouldn't be surprised if people dropped this show after the first thirty seconds.

Also, I have no idea why I made this review this long, it really wasn't necessary lol

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Thanks for reading!! 😀



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