Day 2 of Katawa Shoujo Week – Rin’s Route

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Evening guys and gals and if you have no clue what this is about, please refer to yesterday’s post where I fully describe what’s going on this week.

Other than that, let’s just get into it!

Today, I’ll be reviewing the first route I experienced, the one with Rin Tezuka.


Rin definitely became one of my favorite characters out of all of them, even at scene where we first meet her. Even though she barely has any expressions, I really enjoyed the atmosphere Rin created while I read through her route, it was very calm and not too energetic, which is pretty much Rin’s personality. Even though at some times I and Hisao didn’t understand the philosophical stuff she was rambling about, Rin was still a likable character.

Let’s state the obvious right now, Rin doesn’t have any arms. According to the official description, it states that due to a birth defect and some surgery, she unfortunately has to deal with not having a forearm on both sides. Because of that, she uses her feet or mouth to do things like eat, and also she wears a boy’s school uniform to avoid the risk of embarrassment and such with wearing a skirt.

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However, not having any arms doesn’t stop her from doing amazing things, no, no, no. Rin enjoys painting and uses her feet to express her emotions and feelings on a canvas. Rin’s artwork may come off as questionable, but that didn’t really matter to me since the thought of her painting something that looks great with only her feet is impressive to me.

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I’m going to try my best to make the review of her and the rest of the girls’ stories spoiler-free because I believe that this visual novel is actually worth playing.

What stood out to me the most was definitely the conflict and climax at hand towards the middle of Rin’s route. While the stuff leading up to it was good such as Hisao becoming great friends with Rin and realizing his affection for her, these specific events that could possibly turn everything upside down (because of your choices) was most memorable for me. And I’ll admit that I accidentally got the bad ending for this route…

To add onto that, the incorporation of the uniqueness of Rin in this route and how the characters, mostly Hisao, handled the situation towards the end was really nice.

Honestly, I don’t have much else to say or else I’ll spoil some of the story. But this story of isolation and pressure is one of my favorite routes in this game.

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Also, here’s Rin’s theme:

Thanks for reading!! 😀

Come back tomorrow to see my thoughts on Emi’s route.



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