Day 3 of Katawa Shoujo Week – Emi’s Route

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Okay so yesterday, I had quite a bit of trouble writing about Rin’s route since there are times where I like something, but I don’t exactly know why. It just might be a me thing but usually, I’m not like that. But today’s discussion probably won’t be difficult to talk about.

After finishing Rin’s route, I was thinking about who to go to next. I was saving Hanako for last since I’ve been hearing that her route is a lot of people’s favorite and I like to go by the phrase, “Save the (supposed) best for last”… yeah I need to stop being lazy and finish Hanako’s route.

This particular route was probably the easier one to start since it was obvious on what you had to choose in the choices you were presented at the specific time. So, let me discuss about it.

Emi Ibarazaki, oh man, what a lady.

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Emi’s happy-go-lucky personality is what a lot of people, including myself, enjoy about her and while playing through her route. Even though she had a tragic accident involving losing both of her legs, Emi sees this unfortunate thing that happened to her as something that can push her to do her best. She picked up running and ended up being the best sprinter in Yamaku’s track team.

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I have a lot of respect for people with perseverance. It’s just amazing to see people who do their best at something they never thought they could do at first because of their difficulties or obstacles like with Emi, great at running even though she uses prosthetics; or Rin, paints good looking art and other things like eat food with only her feet.

Emi as a character was cute to watch. Being someone who has a lot of determination and energetic, I like people like that. She also wasn’t afraid to try new things cough gym storage shed cough, and that paired up with Emi’s always happy emotion. Also, her being very stubborn like how she refuses to stop running even though her legs start to hurt, gave Emi a flaw that would be important later on.

The only part I did not like about Emi is that her character art seriously does not fit in with the other characters (this also goes with Shizune). It bothered me a lot especially when Emi was next to Rin’s sprite. Rin looks much more smooth and detailed, while Emi’s sprite looks sloppy.

Image result for emi ibarazaki rin

Emi’s story, I would have it say it wasn’t bad. The buildup to when Emi and Hisao started dating was a little slow, but once you see the romantic relationship of those two, it’s happy and cute and you get to enjoy it more, in my opinion.

Image result for emi ibarazaki hisao

Regarding the romance aspect of Emi’s route, it’s pretty generic. A girl and guy start hanging out a lot, they start dating and look like a perfect couple, then a conflict that could possibly ruin their relationship comes up and it can either go two ways. I’ve definitely seen something like that before, so I wasn’t very surprised at it.

However, seeing the closeness of Emi and Hisao was just so nice to watch. Lovey-dovey romance might not be many people’s cup of tea, but I really enjoyed it.

Image result for emi ibarazaki hisao

And let me tell you, I have never seen a girl so sex-hungry than Emi. I guess that’s what happens when you’re a curious person.

Image result for emi ibarazaki hisao

Other characters in Emi’s route, while they were there and gave a little bit of things to the story, there weren’t really any people extremely important other than Emi and Hisao. The Nurse was probably the only side character who had the most importance, not even Rin who is Emi’s best friend.

Image result for emi ibarazaki hisao

In conclusion, I liked Emi’s route and I liked it a lot more than I expected. It was mainly the close romance Hisao and Emi had, but the rest of the aspects of Emi’s story was nice to watch as well. It’s definitely up there on my favorite routes, if I’m rating it by enjoyment.

Also, here’s Emi’s theme:

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow to see my thoughts on Shizune’s route! 😀



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