Ui Hirasawa: The Ideal Little Big Sister

Back when I did the 30 Day Anime Challenge, I’ll admit that my choice for one of the topics, Favorite Female Supporting Character, was wrong. Even though A-RISE from the Love Live! series is good, it was after I published that post I realized, “oh crap, I completely forgot about this one character that is way better”.

So, think of this as an addition or re-do.

Other than Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the popular and influential slice-of-life comedy K-On! was one of the first anime I’ve ever seen. Even to today, it’s one of my favorite anime of all-time and the amazing songs never get old.

All the characters in this fun show are all enjoyable and entertaining in their own way. If I were to thoroughly describe everyone, we’d be here for a while but just to discuss a few, we have Mio Akiyama, the beautiful, mature member of HTT but also has many fears; and of course, Sawako-sensei, their teacher who in public is looked upon as a goddess but while she’s with this particular group, she’s lazy and irresponsible.

Image result for sawako sensei

However, I would like to talk about a particular character today. Not Mio. Not Mugi. Not Ritsu. Not Azusa. Eh, Yui’s in the topic of discussion but we’re not really focusing on her.

Instead, it’s Yui’s caring sister, Ui Hirasawa.

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Like myself and many others who have siblings, we have our ups and downs with our brothers and sisters. Most of the time we have fun spending time with each other, and sometimes they’re so irritating, we just want to punch them in the face so bad. It’s the natural sibling relationship.

However, when we see the relationship of the Hirasawa sisters, it’s like they don’t even know that fighting exists. At least from what we saw in the anime, these two NEVER fought or even got a little mad at each other. And I’m fine with that! I don’t care if it’s unrealistic or not, it puts a great smile on my face whenever I see these two smile and laugh with each other.

Image result for yui and ui

While Yui is the bigger sister here, Ui definitely is better at a lot of things than her sister. She’s much more knowledgeable, mature and responsible than the lead singer of HTT. Ui does all the housework and even all the cooking, due to their parents not being home most of the time. While most siblings would fight on who does what chores, Ui really doesn’t mind doing all of them. Even when Yui’s friends tease her about being taken care of by her younger sister, Ui always defends Yui’s laziness and tries her best to talk about the good things she does around the house… the list is pretty short.

To give you one of the many examples on how much Ui cares for Yui, in episode 12 of season 1, a few days before their live performance, Yui fell very ill. Ui was absolutely worried about her sister, even during school and she also said that she should’ve been the one who got sick.

When we look at the appearance of Ui, she’s essentially a twin of her sister but with a ponytail instead of Yui’s hairstyle. Also in episode 12 of season 1, she tried to pull off looking like her sister and attend her band practice to not make the rest of the band worry, but was quickly caught by Sawako-sensei.

Image result for yui sick
Believe it or not, that is Ui.

Ui also has other impressive traits about her such as learning and understanding things quickly such as hitting a homerun at a batting cage and also playing the guitar to the point of teaching Yui how to play specific parts.

But let’s not make this sound like Yui doesn’t do anything for her sister. In episode 17 of season 2, Ui unfortunately caught a cold and fell ill after helping her sister write some lyrics. Yui, being so reliant of her sister, was determined to take care of Ui with the best of her ability. Even though it sounded like a construction site while Yui was cooking porridge and made Ui worried, the big sister did her job.

Also, with this specific event happening, it made Yui realize how important Ui was to her and she ended up writing and dedicating a song to the best sister in the world, appropriately called “U&I”.

This being one of my absolute favorite K-On! songs and a song that is so heartwarming that it almost makes me want to cry tears of happiness, the lyrics definitely show a tight bond of a sibling pair and that Yui loves her sister so much.

If you’re not around I can’t do anything
I long for the taste of your cooking
So when you get back home
I’m gonna glomp you with a great big smile

If you’re not around I can’t take it anymore
I long for the sound of your voice
Just being able to see you smile that would mean everything to me

Simply being by my side you’ve always given me the courage
I wanna be with you forever and a day
I wanna tell you that this is how I feel

(translation from the K-ON Wikia)

That being said, Yui and Ui are probably my favorite characters in this whole series and for a good reason. Their amazing bond with each other puts a smile on my face and it reflects the nice relationships siblings have with each other. But when we look at Ui individually, she’s a great addition to this series and someone that everyone would want in their lives.

Image result for k-on ui batting cage

MyAnimeList Pagehttps://myanimelist.net/character/19571/Ui_Hirasawa

I don’t know if me talking about different characters in anime will be a thing now, but this was really fun and I would gladly do more of these!

Thanks for reading!!! 😀



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