Day 4 of Katawa Shoujo Week – Shizune’s Route

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While I was pretty positive while discussing Emi’s route yesterday, today’s review might be a bit of the opposite.

As I said, I wanted to save Lilly and Hanako for last since they looked like the ones that were the best, so it left me with only one choice.

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Shizune Hakamichi. Oh, boy.

Let’s talk about Shizune as a character. Even though she’s deaf and mute, that doesn’t stop her from working hard. As somewho who works double shifts as the class representative of Hisao’s class and also the student council president, we can definitely see Shizune as a leader-type of person. Her hard-working mentality and her strictness towards other Yamaku students is what I admire about Shizune, again with the perseverance thing.

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Shizune also has some flaws to herself. While confidence is a good thing, having too much of it is sometimes bad, in my opinion. Shizune is the type of person who wants to make EVERYTHING into a competition, whether it makes sense or not.

There’s actually another character that is pretty important to Shizune’s route, and that is Shiina Mikado, or more widely known by her nickname, Misha. She’s Shizune’s translator and best friend.

Image result for katawa shoujo misha

We see Misha as a very happy person. Talking and laughing at a high volume and smiling all the time, that actually made me like her more than Shizune. This can also be troubling for Shizune, because when she wants to be strict and make a point to someone, Misha’s bubbly personality and voice may interpret the wrong meaning of what Shizune actually saying. Also, how can you not like Misha’s hair.

Image result for katawa shoujo misha hair

Okay, let’s just get into my review of Shizune’s route.

I thought it wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t so bad that I hated it. I think it was the slow pace and also mainly the romance relationship of Shizune and Hisao. This could also apply to Rin, while Shizune and Hisao started dating, there wasn’t any expression that they were really a couple. Barely did any couple stuff and probably the only intimacy they had was while they were having sex. I don’t even remember them kissing or anything.

Image result for katawa shoujo shizune hisao

Also, while Shizune is the main character in this route, I felt that other characters were much better than her. A good example would be Misha, later on in the story, a conflict arose revolving around her. I just found Shizune not too likable and too full of herself. By the way, this is an opinion post so please respect mine and I’ll respect yours 🙂

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This route was probably the only one with the most characters, I think. Not only do we see Shizune’s friends at Yamaku, but her family was involved in the story as well. Hideaki Hakamichi, Shizune’s brother and they have a natural sibling relationship, with the bonding and rivalry; and also Jigoro Hakamichi, Shizune’s sensitive father who is also an asshole. What I mean by that is when Hisao first met him, Jigoro immediately got mad at him for a really dumb reason and started insulting Hisao. But, that’s the best part about Jigoro, apparently to a lot of people. I just hated him 😛

Image result for katawa shoujo hideaki jigoro

Lastly, and I am going to spoil a little bit. I got both endings cause I’m an idiot for getting the bad one, but the good ending wasn’t very satisfying. But, I’ll let you see for yourself.

Alright, that’s pretty much it for Shizune’s route. It wasn’t bad but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others.

Here’s the theme for Shizune, which is one of my favorite tracks in the OST:

Thanks for reading!! 😀

Definitely come back tomorrow to see my favorite route in this VN which is Lilly’s!

(Also, expect something Yuri on Ice related tomorrow.)



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