Day 5 of Katawa Shoujo Week – Lilly’s Route

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Pour yourself some french vanilla tea and grab a tissue box because we’re going to talk about my favorite route in this visual novel!

Let me just say this right now, I might spoil some things. I really do love this particular story, so I don’t know if I can contain myself from talking about certain things. But, I’ll try my best to refrain from ruining your experience (if you plan to play this VN) and if I happen to, I’ll be sure to put a spoiler warning. đŸ™‚

There’s quite a bit to talk about Lilly Satou.

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First, let’s discuss her personality. She has a much more different tone to her than Rin’s philosophical attitude or Emi’s energetic behavior. She is a polite lady who has some motherly instincts to her, for example, she tries her best to make everyone around her comfortable and have a good time.

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She also strives to be more independent. For example, when her, Hisao and Hanako are in the tea room, she respectfully refuses when Hisao offers to help pour tea for everyone. Lilly, most of the time, is very nice to other people, but there are some moments when anger can get to her.

Other than that, Lilly is just so beautiful. I actually really like her appearance more than other characters (not bashing on anyone else, btw), she really looks reserved and motherly like.

Image result for katawa shoujo lilly

So anyways, let’s get into the story.

Probably one of the most romantic things I’ve experienced in any media. Lilly and Hisao having feelings for each other didn’t take very long to express in the story. Once we saw the couple live their young lives together, it was very heart-warming, being a person who enjoys romance thanks to the massive amount of anime revolving around love.

Yeah honestly, the star of this route was the romantic relationship between these two. The things leading up to the conflict and climax, which by the way was really cliche but they did it in a way where it had a great impact, I felt it came into the story too slowly. But, Lilly and Hisao’s immense affection for each other kind of made me ignore the small flaws.

Image result for katawa shoujo lilly

Okay, for this route, I badly want to talk about the ending because it was amazing, so BIG spoilers incoming.

After Lilly and her sister, Akira, left to go back to their home of Scotland, Hisao tried to catch up to them in the airport to hopefully convince Lilly to stay in Japan. However, Hisao’s heart condition got to him and he unfortunately had another heart attack, taking away his chance to stay with Lilly for the rest of his life, which is what he wanted.

When he wakes up in the hospital, the doctor tells him that this heart attack wasn’t as bad as his first (the one in the beginning of this VN). Devastated at what happened the day before, he decides to rest some more.

Then, Hisao wakes up to a sound of a familiar tune from a familiar music box, the same one he got for Lilly, and quickly after, sees Lilly at his room’s door.

And oh my fucking god, you don’t know how much I cried when I heard the music box playing that beautiful tune.

I was smiling, crying and just so relieved when I saw the ending for this route. Even though I knew something like this would happen, it still hit me hard like a train and it was beautiful, I don’t know what else to say.

And that’s pretty much it! This route is the only one I’ve really cried at, and I’m not one to get too emotional at emotional scenes, so I really do believe this is the best route so far. Call me biased but I think Hisao and Lilly are an amazing couple and if I wasn’t so freaking lazy, I would replay this story over and over again.

Here’s Lilly’s theme!

Tomorrow, we’re going to wrap up all the routes with Hanako’s… which I haven’t even started yet. Shit.

Thanks for reading!!! đŸ˜€ (also sorry about the spoilers, I need to find out how to hide them better)



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