Day 7 of Katawa Shoujo Week – Kenji and the Bad Ending

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Good evening and welcome back to Katawa Shoujo Week! Even though it’s day 7 and it’s been, in fact, a week, I’ll be continuing for a couple more days to talk a teeny bit more about this visual novel.

Now that we finished the main routes, this post will cover a fairly important side character and one more major ending.

Yes, this will contain spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happens, I suggest you should just click away now.

Other than that, I won’t be covering the bad endings because I didn’t experience all of them and it’s gonna make me sad lol

First off, let’s talk about Kenji Setou as a character.

Image result for katawa shoujo kenji

This Harry Potter lookalike seems like he’s an alright fellow, right? Well, you are mostly wrong 😛

Kenji’s disability is being legally blind and what is also unique about him is that he is very paranoid and suspicious of his surroundings. Why? Well, he’s misogynistic and really hates feminists. Sounds like a fun guy, right?

Hisao lives right across from Kenji, and most of the time when Hisao leaves to do something, Kenji seems to catch him at the right time. When this happens, Hisao has to deal with Kenji’s ramblings about how women are spies and that they’ll take advantage on men. He also sometimes likes to talk about how he’ll avoid any contact with women such as building a base in his dorm room.

Image result for katawa shoujo kenji

Kenji also tends to ask Hisao for a lot of money for favors. Being the nice guy he is, Hisao lends money but Kenji usually doesn’t pay him back. Also, he sometimes doesn’t know when it’s okay to socialize, for example, he walked in the bathroom and even started a conversation with Hisao while wearing nothing but a leaf on his crotch. He’s a little weird.

However, Kenji wasn’t and isn’t always like this, referencing his past and even a time where he offers to help someone. But I can’t go too into that because of spoilers.

Okay, let’s get into Kenji’s ending, shall we?

In order to get this ending, I think you have to avoid any choices that might help you lean towards a certain lady. For example, when Lilly and Hisao are walking back from convenience store shopping and Hisao’s heart starts to act up, you have to make the choice of not talking about his disability with her. (But I don’t know why you would want to get this ending anyways lol)

To sum the ending up, you end up hanging out with Kenji at the rooftop during the festival instead of going with one of the ladies, they get drunk and talk about how women are horrible or something and then Kenji starts getting too close to Hisao and while he tries hard to back away, he ends up falling off the building and dies. Yes. That happens.

Image result for katawa shoujo kenji

A visual novel has to have an alternate or bad ending for all routes, or even one overall where the protagonist doesn’t get anywhere in the story. So, this is it. It was obviously sad and disappointing and when I got to it, I seriously was confused and was thinking, “wait, what?”.

I actually thought Hisao just fell down to the rooftop ground and just knocked out because he was too drunk, but no, he fucking fell off and died. Even though this one wasn’t an ending that I wanted to get after experienced two already, good thing I found it early on since I don’t think I would’ve wanted to see a bad ending when I was about to finish a great story.

The worst thing about this… I got it twice lol

In conclusion, I warmed up to Kenji throughout playing all the routes and I can see he’s sometimes pretty cool, but I just can’t see him as someone I enjoyed his presence a lot. And if you didn’t catch it, I did not like his ending. Just my opinion.

That’s pretty much it, and thanks for reading!! 😀

Come back tomorrow to see my ending thoughts about this game and if you should play it.




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