Tonari no Seki-kun (Review) – Passing the Time in Class… The Non-Practical Way

Alright, I apologize for not posting for a few days, blah, blah, blah, I know you guys don’t want to hear that for the fiftieth time. However, I’ll hopefully make it up to you this week since I’m planning something special that will be revealed tomorrow. 🙂

In the meantime, please enjoy this review.

I think we’ve all experienced a time during class where we just completely stop listening to the teacher or finished all your work early that we want the time to go faster and eat lunch after however many hours sitting at a desk.

Whether it be spinning our pencil between our fingers over and over, writing or drawing something or even taking a nap, time can fly by at times while some people may see the clock going slower than usual.

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Nice one, teach.

Today’s anime is all about not paying attention in class and doing something during class to pass the time.

Tonari no Seki-kun (2014) is a school-based comedy, originally a manga written and illustrated by Takuma Morishige and adapted by Shin-Ei Animation (Denki-gai no Honya-sanArea no KishiCrayon Shin-chan).

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Honestly, the synopsis on MyAnimeList is perfect, so I’ll steal it from there:

The original manga revolves around a girl named Yokoi who sits next to a boy only known as Seki-kun. During class, Seki-kun continues to not pay attention and instead creates amazing little distractions, such as a detailed golf course with the course’s hole being a dent in his desk, or an entire dramatic war being played out by paper shogi pieces. Yokoi often finds herself getting reluctantly interested in his games, even though they always seem to end up getting HER in trouble with the teacher!

Being a show that each episode is seven minutes in length, it’s quite entertaining. It’s so simple, a guy in class who doesn’t pay attention at all does ANYTHING, no matter how loud or how quiet it is, to have fun and pass the time. While next to him, a girl tries her hardest to tell him to focus while not getting caught, but ends up being really interested in what he does and also makes up her own scenarios in her head while watching Seki’s shenanigans.

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The main part of the show was definitely the different activities Seki-kun was doing. It ranged from shogi (basically Japanese chess), completely polishing his own desk, making complex domino lines and by the way, he doesn’t get caught at all! I only scratched the surface on what the fuck Seki-kun does during class.

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Well, our only two main characters are Seki Toshinari (VA: Hiro Shimono) and Rumi Yokoi (VA: Kana Hanazawa).

First, Seki. A student who is so bored out of his mind during class that he goes as far as to bring in a cat to class one time. He’s more on the quiet side, I could probably count how many times he at least made a sound on one hand. What I like about him, he’s goofy as hell and also he’s pretty determined to make something like a birdhouse, seen in the picture above.

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Rumi Yokoi, you see that she’s a good student at first but ironically, she’s on the same page as Seki-kun on not paying attention. A nice looking girl who desperately wants to get Seki-kun to listen to the teacher and also not get in trouble. Every class, she has to deal with Seki’s distractions, and even when she tries hard to avoid him, Yokoi gets pulled back in.

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There are also some other side characters that have a little bit of importance such as Takahiro Maeda, a student who is used in one of Seki-kun’s activities; and also Sakurako Gotou, who starts to wonder about Seki and Yokoi’s relationship together.

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Art and Animation

It’s veeeeeeery simple. I didn’t take it in account a lot, but it’s a little cute. The character designs are nice and kawaii. 🙂

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Kana Hanazawa is a very good voice actress. I think I only realized it now lol. I really enjoyed her as Yokoi and Seki on the other hand… I don’t think he ever spoke a word, not that I remember.

On the music side, the opening and ending are the stars of this aspect. They’re both short, but catchy.

“Meiwaku Spectacle” sung by Kana Hanazawa, a great, quick and fun opening.

While with the ending, one of the most cool and catchy endings I’ve personally heard. “Set Them Free” by Akira Jimbo, it’s a great one to listen to and the video is also funny to watch.

To add a fun little thing, Seki’s drumming with the different school supplies and such in the ending visual was reenacted in real life and I just find this funny.


If you want to watch a short anime with silly, simple shenanigans, definitely try this one out. There’s no complex or intense story to ponder hours upon, it’s just pure fun and something that you can possibly relate to.

MyAnimeList Page

I’ll see you guys tomorrow! 😀



4 thoughts on “Tonari no Seki-kun (Review) – Passing the Time in Class… The Non-Practical Way

  1. I enjoy this show in small doses. I can only watch one or two episodes before I need a break though because it becomes very samey after awhile. Still, each set up has its charm and it was worth coming back to again and again to catch up with each of his crazy schemes.

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