1 Year Anniversary – What I Learned, Done Differently and Future Expectations

Originally, I would’ve done this anniversary thing when I posted my first anime related post which would be December 20th, however I want to be technical and I kind of already planned on what I’ll do on the blog during Christmas and the holiday season which will possibly make me too busy, so yeah!

Yes, it’s been a full 365 days since I first registered on WordPress. After 221 posts in total, 146+ anime related articles and over 1/4 of those being related to Love Live!, it’s been a really fun year for me.

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I absolutely love running this little blog, sharing my thoughts on different things and especially meeting, reading and learning from other anibloggers’ interesting comments and posts. This is something I never thought I would be doing now when I created this back in 2016, but I do not regret the change and plan to keep on going for a while.

I won’t be doing anything big to celebrate, but I will be posting all week for all of the segments on the blog such as Seiyuu Spotlight and Currently Watching, and also introducing a brand new segment or two. Please stay tuned!

So today’s post will be, like the title says, a discussion about what I learned, what I would’ve done differently if I had the chance to go back and goals/expectations for myself for the next year and so on.

What I Learned

1. There’s a thing called “Tags”

When I first started getting to discussing and reviewing anime, I’m pretty sure I was just talking to myself. Now that I went back and saw the stats on my older posts, the views were pretty low to none at all.

Image result for kaoru amagami ss

I found that a little problematic for me since I believe that I wrote some good stuff and also wanted to discuss about the various topics with other people. I want to say around March or April, I finally found out about tags after browsing through the “anime” tag section on the WordPress reader. And let me say, it was very helpful.

Tags helped me out by not only sharing my thoughts with more people, but meeting other great anibloggers that I didn’t know about before. I’m pretty sure I thought I was really by myself out here lol

Either way, I’m grateful for tags and yeah, not much else to say.

2. Opportunity and Inspiration to Do Different Things

When it comes to content creating, doing only one thing may start to get boring and repetitive for your fan base.

After seeing other anime bloggers do these different segments and cool things revolved around anime such as “top 5 favorite [insert series name] characters” or talking about and praising a seiyuu for their wonderful work, it made me want to take those ideas and incorporate it into my own style and personality of writing. It definitely got a lot more fun when I did segments other than just reviewing an anime every post.

Image result for kana hanazawa

I’ve seen some really cool stuff out there in this anime community on WordPress and it still ceases to interest me.

3. How to Review in General

Before that day in December when I reviewed Amagami SS, I never made a full-fledged critique on any type of media. The closest thing to that was just sarcastic reviews of video games on Steam, a popular gaming platform, so this was a very new thing to me.

I looked back at my first review and I was a little shocked at how much my reviewing style changed ever since. A review from me back then pretty much was very unorganized, pretty vague and short and sometimes I even spoiled the whole show (which I still do sometimes for episodes lol).

Related image

However, it seemed like I improved pretty quickly and fixed most of the flaws in my reviews (probably thanks to MyAnimeList’s review formula). Overall, I picked up reviewing pretty fast and this experience also helped out my writing skill, not only here but in school as well.

4. The Anime Blogging Community is Amazing

When I first found out about other anibloggers being on WordPress, I was introduced to a bunch of great and unique writers. Reading people’s thoughts on anime I have or haven’t seen before and seeing comments on my posts that start an interesting discussion, I could see that people absolutely put time and effort into writing great articles and reading each others’ stuff.

Image result for mio writing

I’ve been involved in a bunch of communities in my time here on the internet, but a lot of things about this particular one on WordPress has to make it my favorite one overall. Everyone’s so friendly, has a lot to say and I never get bored on this site. By the way, thank you for being so cool!

What I Would’ve Done Differently

1. Change the Blog’s Name

Recently I’ve been considering renaming the blog to go with the anime theme. Honestly, “The Alfredeo Blog” is a little bit bland and I almost regret not altering it when I first got into anime reviewing. Also, seeing other people’s anime based blog names started making me REALLY think about changing it.

Related image

However, I’ll probably keep it since… well it’s too late in my opinion; I’m too lazy to change all the visuals on my blog; and I believe I have my own charm with this particular name. Plus, I’m not that creative (if I decided to change the blog name at this second, I wouldn’t have any ideas at the moment).

That’s pretty much it, there’s not that many things I would’ve done differently.

Future Expectations


I want to admit that whenever I didn’t post anything, probably 5% of the time was me actually being too busy, 10% was writer’s block and the other 85% was laziness and procrastination taking me over. It’s something most people have, but I have a really bad case of it.

Image result for umaru lazy

Now, I mostly see myself as someone who can get something done. I can finish something when I put my mind to it. However, I just get easily distracted, procrastinate and regret not doing that thing. It was bad to the point that it hurt my grades in school, but I don’t want to get too into that.

But, yeah. Apparently it hasn’t gotten to my head to knock it off, and I hope to reduce the habit. Take this as some advice, by the way.

2. Improve My Writing A Little!

I can say that I definitely made my blog posts better than about 8 months ago however, there are still some flaws.


Sometimes, mostly in my reviews, I don’t go very in-depth with certain aspects such as the voice acting and music or the characters and their development throughout the show. I’m not the kind of reviewer where I talk about the deep meaning of the character bonding, for example, since I don’t really notice it while watching most anime.

It’s decent when writing a review to just talk about what you see on the surface, but sometimes the little things you can miss can be important to the story or the characters. I want to start paying a little more attention to the things I might not get later on, I believe it’ll make my writing a bit better.

That’s pretty much all I want to talk about today.

Last thing, if you have been following the blog for a while or just discovered it, I really, really, really appreciate you reading my, hopefully, interesting thoughts. I never knew how much fun blogging can be and after a whole year of doing it, I will have to say I do enjoy it a lot. Sharing my opinions and ideas to others and reading other bloggers’ interesting content really just keeps me going and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have a genuine interest in blogging.

Again, thank you and cheers to another year of fun. 😀

Picture 38
if you’ve never seen my real face before, here it is lol



7 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary – What I Learned, Done Differently and Future Expectations

  1. Congratulations on the 1 year. I remember when I got to my 1 year mark, looking back and realising how much my writing had changed over just 1 year. Totally agree that the aniblogging community is amazing and there are so many great people to meet online to discuss anime with.
    Anyway, congratulations again on the anniversary and looking forward to another year of blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on your blog-anniversary!

    Got to absolutely agree on the ani-blogging community being amazing. Did you know, they’re even better than psychologists.

    Regaring Blog-sites names… *looks at his own*, yeah. Worry not, yours is absolutely normal and that’s fine in my opinion.

    Good luck with rehabilitating yourself from lazyness, as I’m so deep into that myself.

    And, weee! A fellow Chinese?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. Indeed, sometimes I wonder what went through my mind at the time, then I remember it was just laziness.

        Oh, is that so? My bad. My contact with real 3D human is quite scarce, so I’m unable to differentiate clearly.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t believe I missed this post… Happy late blogversary!!!
    Looking forward for more posts from you.
    And I think the name is awesome (I’m not so sure why but is easy to remember at least for me). 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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